Powerful Dog Cancer Supplements

The proven and affordable way to significantly boost your dog’s fight against cancer

It’s all-natural, and 100% safe to use with other dog cancer treatments…

K9 Immunity™ is an all-natural supplement that has helped over one million canine cancer patients. Nearly every one of them showed noticeable improvement within days – all by naturally strengthening their immune system.

This proprietary formula activates all 260 different classes of immune cells to help your dog fight cancer in two, critical ways:

  1. Keeps existing cells healthy as they replicate
  2. Rids damaged cells (like cancer cells) before they can multiply

If your dog has cancer now, it’s not too late…

A major step in any canine cancer treatment is strengthening your companion’s immune system. Because a stronger immune system may help them:

  • Increase response to cancer treatment*
  • Speed up recovery*
  • Reduce side-effects from other cancer therapies*
  • Prevent a serious future illness/relapse*
  • Improve quality of life*
  • Extend their time with you*

*Individual results will vary

Ideal for healthy dogs too
Although K9 Immunity™, is formulated for dogs with cancer, it is also an ideal daily supplement for healthy dogs. The immune-boosting formula helps maintain their good health and significantly reduces risk of future illnesses.

We invite you to browse this site and see how our proven line of cancer support products can significantly increase your dog’s chances of recovery.

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Top 10 Things to Know
When Your Dog Has Cancer

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