Below you’ll find a sampling of written (and video) testimonials from some of our happy customers. Please note that individual results will vary.

*Always discuss any new supplement with your veterinarian.

Update on Stewart
We are thrilled to receive an update from Lisa, Stewart’s “Mom,” that her boy is now four years cancer free! Stewart takes K9Immunity and is doing great. Congratulations and hugs to Stewart and Lisa.

Miracle Product, Miracle Dog!

Meet Riley, 15 years old, happy as any dog I’ve ever known, survivor of a rare, VERY aggressive 92%-of-the-time fatal cancer in 2013, survivor of an adrenal tumor (2016), and now surviving lung cancer which was diagnosed in early July 2019. Beginning the first day I first found his tumor in 2013, I started him on K9 Immunity Plus (which I knew about and had on hand because it gave my dog, Teek, years of extra life). I kept Riley on six K9 Immunity Plus for a year after his tumor was removed, then on four a day for another year, and then on a maintenance dose of 2. I upped it back to four a day for a year after his adrenal tumor was discovered. And when he was recently struck with lung cancer (which is rare in dogs, and generally HIGHLY aggressive and fatal), I contacted Dorla Salling (owner of K9 Medicinal) and asked for her input. She suggested putting him on Immune Support (formally Armor), 2ce a day, which I then immediately ordered and started using (I have also kept him on 2 Immunity Plus a day even though Dorla said this wasn’t necessary, but I believe it’s kept Riley alive for six years and I’m superstitious, so I haven’t wanted to take him off it!). I also switched Riley from dehydrated raw food to a fresh raw food diet and added two kinds of Chinese Herbs that target lung cancer, along with adding the Budwig Protocol and Essiac capsules.

Riley has gone in three months from not being able to walk five minutes on flat ground because his breathing was so horribly labored, to walking 25 minutes a day on the steep hills that surround our house. X-rays yesterday showed that while his tumor hasn’t shrunk, it has not grown, nor has it metastasized. I attribute this and his improved quality of life to K9 Medicinal products, along with the other components of his anti-cancer program.

I love this company so much. Dorla has offered me so much help in terms of knowing what to give Riley, affording the products he is getting, and with emotional support as I navigate this road with him. I am so grateful to her for all of this and as I said, I believe K9 Medicinal products have given Riley the last six miraculous years of a high-quality life. I am now genuinely hopeful— based on what I’m observing and what X-rays are showing—that Riley will remain by side for a long time to come, and if so, this would be the greatest blessing imaginable because he is my “Smiley Riley,” my 24/7 sidekick, and one of the most wonderful dogs I’ve been fortunate enough to share my life with.

Riley really is a miracle dog. And these really are miracle products. Without them, I do not think I would have him here with me today.

Thank you, Dorla and K9 Medicinals!!!!


I am so happy that K9 Immunity worked for Deszie our beloved cat

18 months ago my cat, Deszie, was diagnosed with inoperable abdominal cancer. The tumor was putting pressure on her stomach making it difficult to eat. She lost weight and was listless. The vet gave her a terminal diagnosis. She gave Deszie pain medication to make her comfortable but there was nothing we could do. The pain medication made it so she could eat and we quickly put her on K9 immunity. It’s a powder capsule so we were able to mix it in to her favorite wet food. She quickly responded. She regained her appetite and energy. She quickly became the loud and annoying baby girl we fell in love with. Today the tumor is barely noticeable when our vet palpitates her abdomen and she has had no signs of relapse. I can’t imagine my life without her screaming for food or love and I am so happy that K9 immunity worked for us.

— a happy owner of a little fur person, Matt K


I strongly believe he survived the cancer because of your product

" I just want to share that Monthu ( Montoo), my 11 year old Boxer, was diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma, 3 months shy of his 5th birthday.  At the time, he was given 3 months to live.  A friend of mine recommended your products and here we are six years later.  Every day is a gift with this special boy."
I strongly believe he survived the cancer because of your product.   
Thank you.
Cecilia G.

We give her k9 immunity plus 1 a day which is going on a year now. 

Gracie was initially diagnosed with cancer squomus carcinoma inside her mouth a year ago. Vet found a small bump after we brought her in for a tooth infection which had caused that same side of her face to swell up. While in there to pull the tooth he also biopsied the bump. Which when test came back he said was caner and probably 2 months to live. I immediately changed her diet….started her on k9 immunity plus and shes now probably more healthy then she has been in years….all test on her organs come back perfect levels every 3 months. So either that biopsy test a year ago was either wrong or the k9 plus has kept the cancer from spreading. No I’m not getting another biopsy new vet says the bump inside her mouth is almost gone wants to biopsy but I’m not going thru that trauma again. All I know is she is happy healthy and until I see a sign she isn’t then I’m not getting another biopsy. Shes 11…goes to bathroom normal….eats like a horse….plays….runs….sleeps…normally. Gracie will be on the K9Immunity Plus forever. 

Thanks from all of us…. Kevin , my wife Candi and Gracie



I am grateful every day to Dorla and K9 Medicinals 


Max was diagnosed with Cancer of the spleen and liver in June 2017; the prognosis was 2 – 6 months. I immediately started him on Armor-Up. Dr. Cummings took X-rays just before Christmas and could not believe what she saw. I viewed them as well, the cancer had not spread and the tumor appeared smaller. He is healthy and happy; maybe slowing down a little but he is 12 1/2. I am grateful every day to Dorla and K9 Medicinals for giving me all these months of joy.– Susan K.


Just a quick note of thanks. 

In June 2016, my 3 year old rottweiler was diagnosed with a local histiocytic sarcoma (with a 6 month prognosis)and had his front right leg amputated. I was, of course, a mess as he is my BABY. I turned to the Dog Cancer Diet book and immediately ordered the K9 Immunity. We did 6 rounds of the chemo pill and still have visits every 12 weeks. After 20 months, still takes 3 K9 Immunity chews every day and I make a big batch of food every 10 days. We just left his oncologists office and he is still in remission. in the words of his doctor, “Murphy is perfect!” We are so thankful. Keep up the good work!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! To everyone who is scared of a prognosis, don’t give up hope. — Erin and Murphy


Update On My Sambucca 

I just have to say I used your product on both my pups Dezel who passed and Sambucca. Sambucca is doing great on the Armor Up. She is eating well and back to herself . Armor Up has helped shrink the tumor.  Even though Dezel passed he lived almost a year longer than expected but his cancer was already in his lungs. Sambucca’s hasn’t spread nor is it growing.

Thank you for such an amazing product. — Sincerely, Kathy and Sambucca



Dallas is his old powerful self

We were informed Dallas had cancer, thyroid or squamous cell, they couldn’t decide, on Aug 7 this year, 2017. As soon as I found out, I ordered Dr Dressler’s Dog Cancer survival Guide a day or 2 later, and within 4-5 days of reading, I put DALLAS on APOCAPS AND K9 Imuunity plus, Onco Vitamins, and within a few weeks he was acting more energetic and livelier. We ultimately got him 3 weeks of Radiation in ATLANTA, because our oncologist here told us Dallas wound not be with us during Christmas due to the progression of his tumor. His tumor is smaller, his coat is thick and luxuriant, his strength is amazing, he is way better than he was. I am sure the radiation had a lot to do with it, but we did everything within reason that we could do for our boy.

What we did would certainly qualify as Dr Dresslers Full Spectrum care. So here 2 months later, Dallas is his old powerful self *(He’s a Greater Swiss Mountain dog, and he lives up to his breed). He is one tough, strong fellow. I believe K9 Medicinal’s supplements had a lot to do with Dallas’s recovery and present wonderful condition. THANK YOU — A. Gentle.  Nashville, Tn.


Immune Assist for people has drastically improved my short term memory issue.

I think more clearly and feel energized. I use to feel like staying in my pajamas all day long. Immune-Assist has improved my stamina and energy. Now I work a full time job and it has helped me so much to keep up with the fast paced environment. I highly recommend Immune-Assist to any person seeking to boost energy and improve memory function. At 56 years old, I feel alive, once again. — LORI P., Farmington, MO

Koda Bear is the love of my life.

2 years after his diagnosis of just a few short days to live thanks to canine immunity plus and now like a puppy again on armor up!

Thank you!!! — Janie


Koko has been on K9 Immunity Plus

In February 2016, our Koko (an Australian Cattle Dog Mix age 5) was diagnosed with a mast cell tumor on her abdomen with a low mitotic Index. We had it removed but the vet gave us no promises though and said there’s always a chance it would return. I began frantically researching and came across K9 Medicinals K9 Immunity Plus and we started Koko on it twice daily. We also included cooked organic human grade meal preps from the Evermore company out of New York into her diet which replaced her kibble. She has been on it ever since and the tumor has never returned 18 months later.
Jennifer G.



Every day is a gift……..and we are very thankful for K9Medicinals

Mollie, a St. Bernard, lived in Montana with my Mother since she was a puppy.  After my Mother passed away, we brought her home to California in June of 2016. Sadly, she had developed a nasty tumor and was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. She was 6 years old at the time. She had lost weight and was in pain.   Last August, I made the decision to have her leg amputated. Because she is a “giant” breed we could not afford chemo.  I read about K9 Immunity Plus in Dr. Dressler’s book, “The Dog Cancer Survival Guide.”  I bought the K9 Immunity Plus for her first. About six months ago, I switched her to the Armor-Up.  Both products have agreed with her.  She now takes only the Armor-Up in addition to a special diet that I cook for her. She has been loving life and continues to thrive.  Every day is a gift……..and we are very thankful for K9Medicinals.
Jennie D. and Mollie – Chico, CA

Mollie – Before and After Photos

If only the world was full of good people and companies like you.

Just wanted to say thank you for these products. I just learned of you from a friend on instagram a couple weeks ago. I ordered the k9 immunity plus for my 14 year old boy who miraculously survived west nile virus last summer. His back legs were paralyzed for 2 months but we’re back to daily walks around the block. His recovery has been beyond words but I keep hitting road blocks with skin infections and minor things because his immune system was destroyed. After only a week on the wafers me and my neighbor have both noticed extra pep in his step, more alertness, more energy, more of his old stubborn Akita/Norwegian Buhund self. I’ve been looking for something like this and I’m so glad I found you. Also, my neighbors friend found out today her dog has cancer. They ordered some wafers that will be there soon but I gave them the extra bag I initially ordered so they could start immediately. This stuff is amazing and affordable and I’ve heard you donate it to police and military dogs that get cancer. If only the world was full of good people and companies like you.
Thank you again! Sincerely and gratefully, SGT Dan and General Norman.


Jake and Julie are DEFINITELY doing better on your new product, Armor-Up.

Hi Dorla… It has finally happened and we’re sure of it… Jake and Julie are DEFINITELY doing better on your new product, Armor-Up.  They have been on K9Immunity for so long, they were already in pretty good shape so it took longer for us to be sure.  The difference is how they look and act.  They are ABSOLUTELY more robust in their appearance and we can just tell they FEEL BETTER.  Neither of them have been sick anymore and they love it sprinkled over their food so no hassles there.

Thank you for developing this new WONDERFUL product for all of us who love our four-legged Family members.  You and Sandy still ROCK!

Karen & Cliff W – Nashville, TN


I want you to know that I credit your supplements in keeping sweet Izzy happy and healthy … and beating the odds.

Thank you so much for your generosity. You've made us very happy (again) today! -- Amy Jo and Izzy

Thank you so much for your generosity. You’ve made us very happy (again) today! — Amy Jo and Izzy

She was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in August of 2015 and had her leg amputated that September. We were told that she would have just 4 to 8 months with us. She has shown ZERO spread of that cancer! In June of 2016, she was diagnosed with Mast Cell disease on one of her hind feet and, although we had not opted for chemo after the initial cancer diagnosis and used only your supplements, we did add Palladia to the mix as surgical intervention was not an option given that we’d already removed her “spare”. She has done SO well and I firmly believe that your product is a big part of that!

We are hopeful that adding the Omega to her regimen will help as we’ve seen the MCT begin to flare up, even with continued treatment. That said, everyone who meets Izzy is AMAZED at her vibrance and great condition, especially considering her age … she turned 13 this past October(ish). In short, Izzy would give you folks 4 paws up if she could, but I’m sure you understand why 3 will have to do.

Thank you so much for your generosity. You’ve made us very happy (again) today! — Amy Jo and Izzy


Riley and his sidekick, Dodger

I swear by K9 Immunity Plus!!

Riley and his sidekick, Dodger

I discovered a lump on Riley in August, 2013. I had K9Immunity Plus on hand, because I was using it with one of my other dogs. The second I discovered the lump, I started him on it and took him to the vet. Five days later he was out of surgery to remove the lump and a day later the pathologist’s report came back with bad, bad news. Riley had a rare, but highly aggressive soft tissue sarcoma. The statistics were that 72% of dogs who had this sort of cancer removed had the lump return within 2-5 months. 82% were dead inside of 12 months.

I gave Riley 6 K9Immunity Plus a day for the first 18 months, then for six more months, I kept him on four a day. In the last year I’ve kept him on 2 a day, and will do so for the rest of his life because I am 100% convinced this is what has kept him cancer free. I am on a limited income due to my own medical issues, but I will tell you this: Riley will never, ever NOT get his K9Immunity Plus. If I ever suspect his health is compromised, I will up the dose.

Riley’s nickname is Smiley Riley, because he is just a happy, energetic dog. He’s a rescue, as all mine are, and I’m not entirely sure of his age but I’m guessing he is 9 or 10. He acts like a puppy though, and I attribute this to two things: a raw food diet and K9 Immunity Plus.

When I think about my gratitude to Dorla and this supplement, it brings tears to my eyes, I am so filled with gratitude.

I have recommended K9 Immunity Plus to several friends over the years, and to my knowledge, they all are as grateful as I am for the life and good health it has given their dogs.


Kaniq’s Story of Survival


This story is about my best friend and cancer survivor Kaniq. Kaniq is my 10 year old Alaskan Malamute. He is the most wonderful dog I have ever had the opportunity to care for and most of all he is my best friend. We have seen many many amazing good times together and he has been there for me in some very difficult and stressful times in my life. In February of 2015 I took him to his vet because of a large mass on his chest and after some tests and a biopsy it was determined he had cancer. Unfortunately he was not able to handle the treatment he would need so he sent me to a good friend of his who is a well known soft tissue surgeon as well as an associate at his practice who was an oncologist. The surgeon felt that surgery at this time would not work because of the size and location of the mass so they thought that radiation would be the best answer to first trying to reduce its size. The next day I dropped him off for a CT Scan to determine the size and how invasive it was and received a phone call telling me that they would have to perform surgery that morning to debulk the mass because it far too large for radiation to be successful. He had told me because of the type of cancer he had they would possibly only be able to remove about 60 to 70 % of it and that it was more than likely attached to some chest tissue and would be difficult to remove. Well after surgery the doctor was absolutely amazed that when they went in the tumor basically fell out on the table. He felt that they had removed about 99% of it and that radiation would clean up the microscopic particles if any that were left. 3 days later I went to pick him up in a blizzard that was going on and felt so happy but on the same hand so horrible that he had to endure this. He truly hated the hospital and while he was a happy dog he was very much afraid to go see his regular vet and his groomer because of this experience. So when the time came to decide about radiation treatment and after hearing he would have to undergo this every day for a month with no guarantee and the possibility of some pain I decided to not put him through it. With that decision made I asked his vet what his chances were if I did nothing he said maybe 6 months to a year needless to say I was devastated but I knew I had to do something for Kaniq as he had never once his entire life ever given up on me.

I searched day and night for weeks trying to find something that would give him a fighting chance, I looked at traditional medicine, herbal and holistic medicine and even medicinal marijuana oil and then I found K9 Medicinals and K9 Immunity Plus. I tried the product and Kaniq has been on it for a year and a half now and doing very well. Without God’s hand and this product and the fantastic company that makes it Kaniq would not be here and I absolutely 100% believe this. Dorla Salling the company’s president has been so helpful and is truly interested in helping give our pets a fighting chance. I have recommended this product to many of my friends whose pets are in a situation like Kaniq’s and I would recommend to anyone that is viewing this testimonial. I cannot tell you happy I am every day to be able to wake up in the morning and see his happy face and come home after a hard days work and see him wagging his tail and being excited about life and of course me coming home.

My best friend Kaniq is alive today thanks to God, his doctors and the amazing people at K9 Medicinals and K9 Immunity Plus. It is truly a product that extends life and K9 Medicinals is truly a company that cares and is passionate about what they do.

Thank You so so so much. Kaniq and I are extremely grateful

Watson D
Birdsboro, PA


Seems to me that dogs come to us to teach us.


Winnie came to me and I did everything my vet told me to do, vaccines, flea med, heartworm, the good kibble to buy and only cooked bones because of bacteria. I killed her and Gus too. She was my heart dog and I let her down. Started educating myself on nutrition etc. Titers now, no flea or heart worm meds. Raw food! Honey was a rescue at 2 yrs old, returned twice to rescue, I was asked to take her. After a very long and difficult road we now compete in agility at the elite level. She is now 10 and better than ever! She still needs her safety bubble and that’s ok. Gamer arrived 5 yrs ago, a stray, a rescue, returned to rescue, not wanted so I took him. 2 years ago DX with squamous cell carcinoma in his head. No TX available, 3 to 6 months to live per the oncologist. He had no idea what we are willing to do for our dogs. Because of nutrition, help from our holistic vet, and supplements from K9 medicinals he is alive and kicking! I’ve learned so much, my vet says I should write a book. I’m happy to pass on my experience to anyone interested. Winnie did not die for no reason! When I put in my order yesterday the lady on the line, wish I could remember her name, said to share my story, and that you are all about the dogs!

Thank you Dorla for what you do to make dogs lives better. — Lynn L


Buster Brown and Fiona Testimonials

*Disclaimer: All testimonials are opinions of individual customers. Individual results may vary.


Boone’s K9 Immunity Testimonial

This is a wonderful video of one of our customers named Boone and his family. Boone is s hunting dog who had bone cancer and had his leg amputated. Bone cancer in dogs is usually quickly fatal. Boone has survived two years on our products. *

*Disclaimer: All testimonials are opinions of individual customers. Individual results may vary.


There is no doubt in my mind that the Apocaps and K9 Immunity Plus have given us back our little fluffy princess


We adopted Fiona just over four years ago as what we thought was a cancer hospice case. We were told she had cancer throughout her chest and it was only a matter of time. She had been with a shelter for a year and a half after this diagnosis but kept getting better so they finally decided to adopt her out. We had just lost my dad and our oldest Dachshund to cancer just a few weeks before adopting Fiona. She had both her eyes removed (we were told due to cancer) but was the best little dog. We adopted her and took her to the vet and it turned out that she did not have cancer in her chest, it was the way it had looked when they rescued her but it was most likely pneumonia that had resolved. She is the sweetest little dog and I ended up training her to be a therapy dog through the national Love on a Leash program.

In Fall of 2013 we thought she was bitten by a spider. It healed up but she kept getting weird infections and strange symptoms. About a year ago, she became confused in the house. Even though she was blind, she knew the name of all the rooms in the house and could find her way around. Then she couldn’t find her way in or out of the house. Physically she checked out ok so they began treating her for canine cognitive dysfunction. I didn’t really feel like it was that and the medicine didn’t make any changes. Back to the vet and this time they noticed that her heart rate was low and had been dropping over the last few months. They thought it was a heart block so we went to a specialist and got a full cardiac workup. That didn’t show anything so we went back to our regular vet who recommended taking her to Purdue vet hospital.

We took her to Purdue for a neurology workup. All her blood work and tests had essentially been fine but she was literally fading away before our eyes. She slept most of the time, was confused about where she was and didn’t have a very good quality of life. I honestly had considered euthanizing her because I felt like she was dying and we weren’t stopping it. Her heart rate was in the 60s and her blood pressure was very low. She had to quit her therapy dog visits because she couldn’t stay awake. Our little snuggle pup just slept. She had to be awakened to go outside to potty, then we had to go get her and bring her back inside, then she’d go back to sleep. Thanks to a very kind generous friend, we were able to take her to Purdue for an MRI scan in late June 2014. The vet came out while they were still doing it to show me the pictures and tell me that she had a good sized brain tumor. I think the worst part of it was when they asked if I even wanted them to wake her up from the scan. Being a cancer survivor myself, it made me almost hysterical to think that cancer was a reason for just letting her go. Our options were very limited because at that point her heart rate was in the 50s and they would have had to give her anesthesia for any kind of radiation. We opted out of any further treatment and were sent home with a poor prognosis and only a month’s worth of meds with no refills on them.


I was texting my vet from Purdue and went to see her soon afterwards. She had already emailed me and told me to start her on Apocaps ASAP. Fiona was holding steady but slowly began to be more alert. A few months in, I added the K9 Immunity Plus after reading about it on the website. Since that time, she has begun to really bounce back; her heart rate is back to normal, and she can navigate the house again. It’s the little things that I didn’t realize I had missed so much. The first day she wagged her tail after not doing it for months, I almost cried. Slowly but surely, all her neuro functions returned. She wanted to be with us and would bark if she wasn’t, she was able to stay awake and return to her therapy dog visits. She is even able to stand on her hind legs for a short while. Everything is back to normal with her, even her little wagging walk has returned. It truly has been nothing short of miraculous to see how far she’s come.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Apocaps and K9 Immunity Plus have given us back our little fluffy princess. I just can’t thank you enough and I only wish I knew about these products when our other dogs had cancer. I recommend them all the time to people. We foster primarily seniors and special needs so your products are great to have available to help our fosters become as healthy as they can be. You’ve given us another seven months so far with hopefully many more to come. Fiona is somewhat of a local celebrity and has even been able to resume her schedule of appearances. She really is the coolest little dog. She was bald with big bulging eyes when they found her and now she’s been named one of the 50 dogs changing the world by Life +Dog Magazine and helps promote special needs pet adoptions and therapy pets. Thank you is not enough but that’s the best I can do. I just love her so much and although we know the tumor is still there, she’s still here with us and is back to enjoying her life and helping enrich the lives of others. Thanks again from all of us.

— Monica*

*Disclaimer: All testimonials are opinions of individual customers. Individual results may vary.


I want to thank you for the great product 

Guiness has been in remission for 2 years and counting

This story is about my dog Guinness who was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer 3 years ago on January 9th by Dr. Stacey Creasy DVM She recommended k9 immunity plus. When we started him on chemo I gave him 6 a day and when he finished the chemo cut it back to 4 a day which he has been on ever since. He went through 25 weeks of chemo then in remission for 5 months it came back and he had to do a second protocol. As of now he has been in remission for 2 years and is considered a cure.

I want to thank you for the great product that you have developed which is helping to keep my great dog alive. — Andy S.*

*Disclaimer: All testimonials are opinions of individual customers. Individual results may vary.


Thank you again for all you and Sandy do to keep our kids in the best possible condition

Thank you again for all you and Sandy do

Thank you again for all you and Sandy do

Hi Dorla…this was originally intended just to be a thank you note to you and Sandy, but it has turned into a testimonial. As you know, we have twins now and I had originally intended to wait a while to start them on K9 Medicinals, but the Boy developed a severe throat infection…the Vet said probably because he eats tree bark and it had bacteria on it. As you may remember, we referred to Buster Brown as Boy Plus and this new baby must be Boy Plus Plus because he is into everything he can possibly be. We watch them very closely, but didn’t realize there could be a problem for tree bark. That seemed pretty harmless but apparently not because nothing else could be found. Anyway, long story short, he became very ill a couple of weeks ago, and we decided to get them going on the K9 Medicinals to boost their immune systems. We have been absolutely amazed at the difference in them in just one week. Their skin is so much healthier looking, they look and act healthier and they just seem to be all around better adjusted. Nothing else has changed in their environment other than us beginning to give them the K9 on a daily basis. They like the taste of the wafers and we use them at night as treats for going into their beds to sleep without a hassle.

Thank you again for all you and Sandy do to keep our kids in the best possible condition and I’m amazed at the difference in these babies in just one week. Anything that makes that much difference that quickly has to be good for them and I’m looking forward to a long happy life with them. Buster Brown did SO well and we got to keep that precious Baby for nearly five years longer than expected with these products; and for him, it was an emergency, but for these babies, it’s just to keep them healthier all the way along.

I would like to encourage all pet parents not to wait for an emergency…be proactive and go ahead and get their babies started on this wonderful product and to get it from you because like with any product that works, there’s always an impostor waiting to make “a quick buck” with a knock-off that is never as good because they don’t know what they’re doing and just trying to make “a quick buck” off the backs of the folks who know what they’re doing.

Thanks Again. You and Sandy rock! — Karen W.*

*Disclaimer: All testimonials are opinions of individual customers. Individual results may vary.


Dillon is now celebrating his 6 birthday this May

Dillon is going to be 6 - May 11.

Dillon is going to be 6 on May 11, 2015

Back in May of 2011 Dillon had just turned 2 years old. He and I were outside planting plants in my larger flower pots on the patio. He grabbed one of the little potting containers that the plants come in at the store and was running through the yard playing with it when he yelped and started limping on his left leg. I gave it a couple of weeks and the limping did not go away. I took him to a vet and they stated he must sprained it and it just needed more time to heal. A month went by and he was still limping. In fact the limp was getting worse. I took him back to vet and they stated that they would do an x-ray and see if he may have broken it. X-ray was clear. So they sent me home with pain medicine and told me it was a sprain. Two months go by and now there is a lump as well as now Dillon is not using the leg at all. I looked up on the internet for a veterinarian that would do accupuncture to the leg, as I had read that some sprains respond well to accupuncture when nothing else works.

I took him to a vet that does this type of procedure along with my x-rays from the previous vet I had gone to. The vet looked at Dillon’s leg and stated that even though I had x-rays, he wanted to x-ray it again to be sure of what he was dealing with. Well…he came back and told me he had bad news. Dillon had bone cancer and he showed me the x-ray he took and the bone was dished out and the swelling was a tumor that was in the leg. He advised me to rush Dillon to Madison WI to the veterinary school and have them amputate and do chemo and radiation. I was shocked. I did not accept this and took the x-rays to two additional vets that dealt with cancer in dogs. All three confirmed the bone cancer. In fact the third vet had told me if it was his dog he would put him down right then and there. By the time I got to this third vet Dillon had stopped eating and drinking. I had to put drops of milk in his water to get him to drink and I tried everything under the sun to get him to eat. Baby food, lunch meats, deli meats, cooked meats, he turned his nose to everything. Finally I tried lever sausage and he would eat with the liver sausage in his food. This all took place with the third vet and him telling me to put him down the beginning of July 2011. My husband drove semi and he asked the vet if Dillon would make it three more weeks until the next time he got home. I was upset as Dillon was a 100 lb dog and I was home alone with him and I could not do anything to help him if I had to lift and carry him someplace. But my husband insisted we wait three more weeks and the vet said yes, he might make it the three weeks but that would be it as the pain would be too great for Dillon to go on with it.

I asked the vet when would I know for sure. He asked me what Dillon liked to do. I said swim. He said then swim him all he wants and when he stops, it will be time. He also warned me not to let Dillon break the leg because if he did, that would be it. Dillon was dragging it and plopping it down when he rested with it.

So now I am upset and stubborn and I came home and got on the internet and found your website. I read testimonial after testimonial on your site and many of the dogs were much older than Dillon that were on your product and had the same situation. Some dogs went through the amputation and chemo and radiation and used your product and some just used your product. I called my husband and the vet that practiced the accupuncture and asked about giving Dillon this. The vet said it would not hurt and that he had heard of the product and there would be no guarantee. I stated I knew that. I ordered it right away and started Dillon on it.

I swam Dillon every night and when this first happened he would hold that leg to the side and swim with just the good leg. Then a magazine that I normally threw away came to my house and I decided to look through it this one night and there was a product in there called Rejeneril and it stated that it was a veterinary offshoot of cancer medicine for humans. I again called vet and asked if I could combine the two or if one would cancel out the other and he stated no go ahead and give both. The Rejeneril was a cell energizer that helped rejuvinate the cells and give the dog energy to try and beat this disease.

September my neighbor who watched Dillon during this journey came over and said to me is his tumor getting smaller??? I about fell over because I had thought it was, but then when you look at it every day, you are not sure if you are just hoping or you are getting used to the size it is and just think it is going down. I said to her, “thank you for saying that” as I thought it was but I was not sure. Then she asked me what I was giving him. I told her the K-9 Immunity and the Rejeneril and that is it. He was also on Tramadol for the pain.

Then another month goes by and he is putting the leg down to step on it!!! Then he is walking on it!!!! Then he was swimming with it!!!!! I went to the vet for 6 month x-rays to watch the cancer. The leg bone was actually regenerating itself!!! The vet was amazed. He stated he never had a patient use only a natural product and have that success.

Dillon is now celebrating his 6 birthday this May and his leg has regenerated all new bone. The tumor is gone. His body is whole and complete, we did not have to amputate or do anything!!

I did also pray over Dillon each night and I was mad at God that this was a great dog that did not deserve this at this age. I believe God directed me to your website, he directed me to the magazine I always threw away without looking at, and my Dillon is 4 years past his cancer experience.

Dillon is going to be 6 – May 11. He is 106 lbs of Labrador. He is half English Lab. He has never growled or been aggressive to anything or anyone and I joke that I do not think he even knows how to growl. He also had hip dysplasia surgery at 9 months old. So he had had a bad puppy hood, but now he is great. Through the experience he is still the wonderful, kind hearted dog he has always been and I am hoping for many more years with him. ~ Cindy K.*

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Milo is a precious member of our familyMilo is 14 and feeling good

I just wanted to say a quick thank you for your products! In July of this year our groomer discovered a lump on my Milo’s backside that turned out to be a fairly large tumor of the anal sac (adenocarcinoma) that extended much further internally than expected. On July 17th he had surgery to remove it and we were faced with the decision to follow-up with chemo, radiation, etc. Milo is about 14 years old and the potential negative side-effects of cancer treatment he would have to endure were too much. We decided to keep him as happy and comfortable as we can for what time he has left! After recovering from surgery he ran around like a puppy again and seemed to feel great! We couldn’t believe the vet’s 3-6 month prognosis. But then end of Sept/beginning of Oct we had a particularly intense 2 weeks of GI distress. He was barely eating and waking up every hour all night needing to go out. The diarrhea was awful, he lost weight, I thought for sure the cancer had returned with a vengeance. After some research I discovered the K9 Medicinals “cancer supplements” and ordered the K9 Immunity, Omega and Transfer Factor bundle. By this time we had taken him off dry kibble altogether. Rice and chicken broth were all he was interested in eating. We started adding the supplements, along with a prebiotic/probiotic supplement and he eventually regained his appetite and has been getting cooked chicken and canned food in addition the last 6 weeks. We’re slowly adding kibble back to his meals and so far, so good. He’s put weight back on and seems to be feeling back to normal!! We are now 5 months past the surgery and hope to have many more with Milo feeling good!! He is a precious member of our family and I like to think that your supplements have improved his quality of life.

So THANK YOU! ~ Leslie*

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The Divine Miss Suki Levine

The Divine Miss Suki Levine

“The Divine Miss Suki Levine” in her newest hat.

Suki is still going strong and cancer free as of December 2014.

Your are fabulous, Suki!

We love you!


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She has amazing energy for her age

Daisy has been cancer free since her operation in 2013.

he has amazing energy for her age

Thought I would let you know that Daisy has been on Immunity Plus for about 13 months now, after she was diagnosed with Mast Cell Tumors. She was operated on and I started the Immunity Plus because all research shows that Mast Cell Tumors could be the result of a low immunity system. Daisy has been cancer free since her operation in 2013. She is almost 13 years old and she has amazing energy for her age
I attribute to prayers, a great oncologist and K9 Immunity Plus!. My only concern is that Doctors are skeptical and some are not prepared when they tell Guardians that their loved ones have cancer!

Rose H*

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I would recommend to anyone

Mohegan would of been 6 on January 5th. So young.

Mohegan would of been 6 on January 5th. So young.

This is my handsome boxer Mohegan who was diagnosed with T cell lymphoma in august of this year. Deciding not to go through chemo,I came about this site and decided to give the k9 Immunity a chance considering all the great results pet owners were having. The first picture shows Mohegan an 80 pd boxer who was 100 pds before his diagnosis. The second picture shows Mohegan a whopping 95 pds after only 3 weeks on k9 ammunity. He was up and running like a pup again. Unfortunately we lost Mohegan this past monday do to an accident inflicted by his total hip displacer. I know Mohegan would still be going strong if it weren’t for his bad hips. But thanks to your amazing products we were able to enjoy him for 3 great months from his diagnosis. I would recommend to anyone that is going through a similar situation to surely start your beloved pet on these wonderful products. Rest in peace my beautiful baby boy.*

*Disclaimer: All testimonials are opinions of individual customers. Individual results may vary.

Thank you K9 Medicinals!

9 year old Dalmatian Mix

9 year old Dalmatian Mix

On March 29, 2013, Stewart, our 7 year old Dalmatian mix, was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in the knuckle of his front left leg. We had to respond quickly and were given several options:

  • Euthanize
  • Amputate and perform chemo for 6 months
  • Don’t amputate and perform extensive radiation treatment

On April 4, 2013, we opted for amputation without chemo.

Prior to his amputation, our teenage son saw an ad for K9 Immunity Plus. He shared the advertisement with me and I called the K9 Medicinals and spoke with their customer service representative. The reason why I am writing this testimony for all of you who may be in a similar situation is that Osteosarcoma is a fatal cancer for canines, felines and humans. We were told that the prognosis for survival rate after amputation without chemo was 3 to 6 months.

I want to share with you that Stewart is celebrating his 9th birthday on November 6, 2014. It has been 19 months since his amputation surgery and is doing very well with exercise, modified diet, six-K9 Immunity Plus each morning and lots of prayers! Thank you K9 Medicinals!*

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I know the supplements saved my dog’s life

My Whippet, Mischa

My Whippet, Mischa

My Whippet, Mischa, was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia in December 2011. He was 7 ½ at that time. He was put on Leukeran, which is an oral chemotherapy drug. Despite his oncologist’s reservations, I also started him on K9 Immunity and Transfer Factor, added Omega oils and Dismutase (an anti-oxidant supplement made by Biovet) to his diet and switched him to a completely grain free/starch free diet. Luckily we had caught it early and he has never shown any outward symptoms, however the life expectancy was only 2 years after diagnosis.

At the end of 2012 and into 2013, his blood counts were consistently in the normal range, which his oncologist said would never happen. In August of 2013 I questioned his oncologist if he should remain on Leukeran since his blood counts were normal. She said we could take him off of it and see what happened. Remission is rare for CLL, but that’s what he seemed to be in. It is now the end of 2014; he is off chemo, still on his supplements and doing wonderfully. His blood counts continued to be in the normal range despite having a mast cell tumor removed from his rear leg in February 2014. I know these supplements saved my dog’s life and made whatever life he has left with me a comfortable one.

I am extremely thankful that these supplements are available and wish more canine oncologists would take them seriously.

Amber C – Muncie, IN*

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I want to say a hearty thank you to the K9medicinals people

Floky lived a quality life for a total of 35 months!

Floky lived a quality life for a total of 35 months!

Dear Sandy, after two months having passed, i felt i was ready to write my own testimonial to your wonderful products. Fell free to use it in K9medicinals site. Thank you again, for everything….

Floky entered my life in march 2006, when he was already 6,5 y.o. Having lived more than two years in a balcony, he was unwanted by his family and although a purebred cocker spaniel, people were uninterested in adopting him because of his “old” age. So, he came into my life in a rather unexpected way and I promised him I would offer him the best possible second half in his life… and so, I think I did.

In August 2011, when on holidays, a usual ear infection took us to the vet, but the news was heartbreaking… The vet would feel a tumor of significant size in Floky’s abdominal area. We rushed back home and started a series of exams, blood tests, x-rays, ultrasounds, etc. He had a tumor the size of a small apple, attached to his spleen, plus suspicious (cancer) alterations on his liver and pancreas. On 25th August Floky underwent surgery… A hemangiosarcoma was removed and so was his spleen. The vets told us his liver and pancreas were altered, definite signs of cancer metastasis… They gave Floky a life expectancy of 5 to 7 months at most. They suggested no chemotherapy, since Floky was already 12y.o. and such a treatment protocol had no meaning at all, they told us such an option would just ruin the quality of his remaining time and he would end up dying in a vet’s cage. So, we took him home, feeling completely helpless and starting the countdown.

Floky started his K9 supplements and a special diet based on low fat proteins -with no hydrates at all- in September 2011, he recovered amazingly from his spleen-ectomy, he became active and happy again. Some time later, in a year or so, he developed three mast-cell tumors on his skin, ones that were surgically removed and did not develop again.

Floky lived a quality life for a total of 35 months!!! Five times more than the most optimistic prognosis… He almost made it to his 15th birthday, he became an old doggie, a happy grandpa with all the symptoms of old age (could not hear or see well, lost his mobility due to arthritis), that left us due to natural causes, having lived a full life filled with tons of love from all of us. My sweetheart passed away peacefully on July 21st 2014. I cannot describe how much he is missed, every single moment of the day…

I want to say a hearty thank you to the K9medicinals people, especially to Sandy, for their constant support and their obviously wonderful products that gave us hope, that kept my dogs immune system alive for so long, that helped him become strong and fight cancer, for keeping him happy and healthy after the vets gave up on him. Floky must be smiling on you guys, from doggie heaven! Thank you!

Iro & Floky (R.I.P.) – Thessaloniki, Greece*

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Australian Shepherd, Bailey

Australian Shepherd, Bailey

I am convinced the K9 Immunity Plus helped

On April 5, 2013, my Australian Shepherd Bailey was diagnosed with lymphoma. I was devastated to say the lease, especially when I was told he would likely live another 4-6 weeks.

Of course, I went to Google and read about the cancer he had and if there were any options, or at least options I could afford.

I saw and looked at all the information you had for dogs with cancer. I immediately ordered the K9 Immunity Plus.

If you know Aussie Shepherds, you know they are very smart. It took Bailey seconds to fall in love with the products, which then became know to him as his “chews’. He clued in. And, he would try for two rounds in the same day, hoping I didn’t remember he’d already had them.

Trust me when I say, he sat stock-still and his eyes practically bugged out when he at his chews!

On February 16, 2014, I had to let Bailey go. The lymphoma made it hard for him to eat and swallow in the last few days of his life.

I am convinced the K9 Immunity Plus helped his immune system for many months, along with the prednisone and a liver supplement his vet prescribed.

I don’t know if others will experience the gift of time Bailey and I had, but I would tell anyone facing such a terrible diagnosis to use K9 medicinal products without delay.

I also want to thank you for the notes of encouragement on many of the order sheets in the packages I received. I consider you all part of Bailey’s team that allowed him to live much, much longer than anyone predicted.

My vet called his time “unheard of”. I hope others will hear it now. Know you are truly helping canine families and owners like me who wanted Bailey to have the best quality of life he could for as long as he could. You gave us a gift.

With gratitude,
Marybeth and Bailey (2005-2013)*

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After administering K9 Immunity Plus she had more pep and vigor

After administering K9 Immunity Plus Suede had more pep and vigor.

K9 Immunity Plus gave Suede more pep and vigor

Our 8 year old Suede was recently diagnosed with Anal Sac Carcinoma. She underwent Surgery on Feb.14-2014 and the Operation was a success. We where advised to use K9 Immunity Plus to Aid in her recovery and fighting the cancer. In a couple of days after administering K9 Immunity Plus she had more pep, vigor and acted half her age. We do not know what the future holds but K9 Immunity Plus has become part of her life. Words can never express how much we thank you for giving our baby back to us. Your caring was manifested with a note that was very caring and personal. We really appreciate all you do for all our baby’s and us.

Dagmar,Steve,Suede and Waldo

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I decided on K9 Medicinals and glad I did

My Shiba Inu Misha - 9 months later and still going strong

My Shiba Inu Misha – 9 months later and still going strong

My shiba inu Misha was diagnosed with anal gland cancer. I first noticed a small lump on his rear last June 2013. After testing him to see what our options were we decided that we did not have $10,000 dollars for surgery, radiation and chemo plus driving back and forth 250 miles every 3 weeks for more testing. We just did not want to put Misha through all that plus they said he would probably still only live maybe 18 months. So this is what we choose to do there was one option left with our local vet and that was to put him on oral chemo pills that we could do at home 5 days on and 16 days off with blood testing in between.

However I still felt the need to do more. So after many hours and days of looking for a more natural way to help him through this I decided on K9 Medicinals and glad I did.

I started out with the K9 immunity plus which Misha loves. He thinks they are a treat. After a couple months I decided since his cancer was very aggressive I would add the k9 immunity also to give him an added boost. When all this began last June we were told Misha would only have 1 to 2 months to live. Almost 9 months later he is still alive and seems quite healthy and happy. We also only feed grain free dry and wet foods along with sardines and a few other healthy items. I truly believe that the K9 immunity is a really good product and compliments the chemo pill that without them I really do think he would of been gone a long time ago. We know the cancer will win in the end however this has brought us additional time with our dog. I also wanted to thank Dorla for their hot line I have called a few times. Also the rest of the staff they are very nice and always willing to help. How many companies take the time to hand right a personal note wishing us well with most of my orders. So here we are 9 months later and still going strong.

Thank you Dorla and team

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Thank you so very much

Keke, my other American Eskimo

Keke, my other American Eskimo

In October of 2010, my first dog that had Cancer was my beloved Chance. An American Eskimo that I had adopted at the age of 3. He was now 11 years old. Chance had anal gland cancer when he was 9 years old. At the time, the tumor was removed, margins tested clean and he was given clean bill of health. However, almost 3 years later, the cancer was back. By the time Chance showed symptoms, the ultrasound showed tumors just about throughout his body. The prognosis was less than 30 days to live. They basically said that nothing could be done. About 3 weeks later, a friend of mine that knew Karen (she had Buster Brown who is on this website) told me about Karen and k9 immunity. I contacted Karen and she met me with a bottle of it to start with Chance. Chance now had begun to not want to eat and was feeling very bad. I thought I was fixing to lose him. Within 5 days of starting him on k9 immunity, he started to turn around, perking up, eating and got back to being his old self for another 5 months. Sadly though, the cancer was so far advanced, it finally took over and after 4 days of Chance not wanting to eat or drink and too weak to get up, I let him go. But this showed me the power of k9 immunity. What else could have turned Chance around for not one month but FIVE more months after the grim prognosis? Of Course I have to give God the credit for this. I do not believe that it was by chance that I met Karen and found k9 immunity.

So, in June of 2012 when Keke, my other American Eskimo that I adopted a month before I adopted Chance at the age of 3, came down with TCC(bladder cancer) at the age of 13, I immediately maxed her out on k9 immunity. Keke has surpassed everyone’s expectations. All I can conclude is that God is helping us and k9 immunity is doing a GREAT job of managing the cancer in such a way that she can still live with quality. She still enjoys life but is experiencing age related problems of course. She can no longer see or hear well but thank God, I can see her get old as I thought I was going to lose her at the age of 13. For a dog to survive with TCC for over 2 years, this is truly unheard of. I am thankful to God for every good day and night I have with her.

Thank you so very much to John Holiday and everyone else who created k9 immunity and continues to work on this wonderful, wonderful medicine that helps so many dogs and people with cancer. It has proven to me that it works. What else could be helping Keke SEVEN months past her last doomed prognosis??? Praise the Lord!!! I wish everyone that has a dog with cancer could hear about this wonderful product.

Tammy in Tennessee*

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Kali is doing great.

Kali is doing great.

It has been 17 mos since she was diagnosed with a pelvic tumor. If you recall, we were told she wouldn’t make it through the weekend. In April, this year, the vet called her a miracle dog. Thanks to you, K9 immunity, K9 trans-factor and essiac tea, she is still with us and thriving.

Kali Dog

Her tumor has shrunk some :).

MaryAnne and Kali*

*Disclaimer: All testimonials are opinions of individual customers. Individual results may vary.

Please keep doing what you are doing.

I’d like to acknowledge Sandy, a member of your team for her strong customer service skills. Her attention to detail and knowledge of the K9 Medicinal products as well as company history went above what I have come to expect. She made my phone order on 10/21/13 for K9 Immunity and Transfer Factor a pleasant experience and provided more insight to your company as well as information regarding the Magic Bullet Fund for possible financial assistance for Kona’s treatment. The treatment cost has far exceeded our initial financial expectations and has impacted our daily life, but at this time the reward outweighs the risk of not getting the products.

Kona is our 6 year old ‘son’ who had a mast cell tumor surgically removed from his rear leg one year ago today. Our vet recommended starting Kona immediately on K9 Immunity and Transfer Factor along with Chinese herbs. My wife and I strongly believe this regiment, in addition to his raw diet and daily yogurt/fish oil have done wonders for ‘our boy’. We cannot give enough praise for your products and have strongly recommended them to others whose dogs have been diagnosed with cancer.

Sincerely, Rick & Mary*

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Abigail just loves her K9 Immunity Plus♥…..

She can belly dance too!
Suzanne and Abigail (my Pug)



Abigail, Bumble Bee for Halloween

Thank you for caring so much for our pets

My 11 year old pug was diagnosed with a mast cell tumor on her right hind leg about three years ago and it was completely removed, and she has not had anymore signs of a reoccurance since then. I immediately started her on K9 Immunity Plus and K9 transfer Factor (which I have since discontinued the transfer factor only) since all has been going well…. I love your products and I’m sure that they have kept her from having any spreading of cancer cells too. I love you guys!

Thank you for caring so much for our pets. You’re doing a great service♥…..
Suzanne and Abigail (my Pug)*

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Celebrating Buster Brown’s 14th Birthday

An Update on Buster’s Progress..

An Update on Buster's Progress..

Dorla, just wanted to tell you how grateful Cliff and I are for K9 Medicinals. We are in the process of celebrating Buster Brown’s 14th Birthday. We are celebrating every day during the first half of July. He has done so very well with your products and your coaching. When he would have a rough bout, you would tell me to give him extra for a few days and he would respond every time. Back in March 2013, he got very bad and it didn’t look good, so we started giving him double the dosage every day. When we tried to cut back, he relapsed, so we now give him 6 capsules every day when 3 are all that is required. He is doing great…I am amazed every day. He has lived longer than any Boston we have ever had and he has officially had cancer for 5 years…probably longer, we just didn’t know. We give him double K9, double Full Flex, and double Co-Enzyme Q10 and this has sustained him well during these what I thought were going to be end-times.

He’s doing GREAT and we thank you and your staff for taking such great care of us.

K. Willis, Tennessee.
July 11, 2013*

*Disclaimer: All testimonials are opinions of individual customers. Individual results may vary.


“He raises h— anytime he can; he is our ‘Boy-Plus’ again…”

“The only treatment Buster has received has been K9 Medicinals and fish oil. Just look at the picture of Buster Brown from August, 2008. He looked horrible. He was throwing up 10-12 times a day. He had no energy. We thought he could die at any time. When I picked him up after the biopsy was taken on August 13, 2008, I asked the specialist if it was okay to start him on K9 Medicinals. He said, ‘Yes, they would not hurt him.’

From that time until now, we have given Buster 4 doses per day… 1 (K9) Transfer Factor and 1 K9 Immunity by 9 AM, 1 fish oil 5 hours later, 1 K9 Immunity at 6 PM and 1 K9 Immunity at bedtime. We love him! Look at him now! The latest picture we have of him was taken on December 25, 2008. What a difference in just a few short months! Today, February 19, 2010, he still looks like he did on December 25, 2008 only with a few more gray hairs; like me.

These products are remarkable and I have recommended them to many people. My husband and I determined in meeting and working with several veterinarians, that maybe, if Buster made it through the invasive medical treatment that suggested to save his life, he might have an additional year to live. We have already had almost two years and it has been incredible. He feels better than he did four years ago. He plays ball and wants to “GO” all the time. He raises h— anytime he can; he is our “Boy-Plus” again.” – K. Willis, Tennessee*

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Tidus – (the Rottweiler) Short of a miracle or Divine Intervention, it must have been partly due to K-9 Immunity Plus™.

A Miracle or K9 Immunity Plus . . .

On March 5th, 2013 I woke up and found the side of our dog’s face swollen up as big as a softball! For a few days prior to that afternoon he had been acting a little sluggish but since there was no real signs of him being sick. We just thought is was due to his old age. He is almost eleven. We thought Tidus must have an abscessed tooth so my husband called our vet. He told us to bring him in immediately and he would sedate him and pull the tooth. We were thinking that the tooth would explain his sluggishness and thought once it was pulled he would be much better. Our Vet examined Tidus and felt it was not an abscessed tooth, but perhaps a blocked salivary glad so he prescribed antibiotics and pain meds and sent him home. The swelling went down considerably except for a small knot at the base of his lower right jaw.

Tidus went back to the vet a week later for a follow up appointment, which we thought was supposed to just be a routine check. We were not prepared for what we would hear from the vet that day! When our vet saw the knot on his jaw, he knew immediately it was not his tooth or a blocked salivary gland, so he began to examine him extensively. He told us that it appeared to be Cancer and he scheduled Tidus for surgery the very next morning to remove the tumor. On March 12th, they removed the tumor and sent it off to be biopsied. We anxiously awaited the results and were devastated to learn that Tidus was diagnosed with Malignant Oral Melanoma, which our vet said was a very aggressive Cancer that often spreads to lymph nodes. He was sent home with pain meds and we were told that our vet wanted to consult with an Oncologist to see what our next steps would be.

We both knew that given his age, we did not want to put him through Chemo or Radiation so we frantically started searching the Internet for other alternative treatments. In the meantime we decided to try changing his diet to healthier foods, fresh meats, etc. all in the name of trying to improve his immune system. That is when we found the web site. We began to read about K-9 Immunity Plus™. We were encouraged by what we read so we decided we had nothing to lose by ordering the product and see if Tidus responded favorably to it.

That was the best thing we could have done apparently!! We started giving Tidus K-9 Immunity Plus™ on March 24th, 2013. Our vet referred us to an Oncologist at NC State College of Veterinary Medicine. We took Tidus down there for an initial consultation on April 8th, 2013 to meet the Oncologist and discuss our options. By this time, Tidus had been on the K-9 Immunity Plus™ for two weeks. The Oncologist examined Tidus, did blood work, chest x-rays, etc. and it revealed that he was essentially cancer free minus some microscopic cells in his mouth where the tumor had been which was to be expected. No cancer in his lungs or lymph nodes! Great news! But how could this be? The Oncologist had no explanation . . .
They decided to put Tidus on the new Canine Melanoma Vaccine which helps super charge the immune system to fight off cancer cells and keep them from returning just as a precaution. He gets a shot every two weeks for 8 weeks then a booster every 6 months after that. It is very well tolerated by dogs and has little to no side effects and is much cheaper than chemo or radiation.

We are now starting our 4th week since putting Tidus on K-9 Immunity Plus™ and although our vet will not admit it is due to the supplements he is amazed that Tidus is doing so well and that the cancer has not spread. He has has no other explanation. We know the cancer is not completely gone and will likely return, but the supplements have certainly helped and he continues to improve each day. The area is now completely clear with no evidence anything was there. He is eating & drinking normally and acting like the “Retired” Rottweiler he is again… We are now true believers in K-9 Immunity Plus™ and will keep Tidus on it for as long as he lives! We cherish every day we have with him and are taking one day at a time.

So, why did the melanoma not spread as predicted? Short of a miracle or Divine Intervention, it must have been partly due to K-9 Immunity Plus™. We just can’t prove it!

Our heartfelt thanks to everyone at for helping us have more precious time with our beloved baby!! Gina (mom to Tidus – the Rottweiler)*

*Disclaimer: All testimonials are opinions of individual customers. Individual results may vary.

Tidus - the Rottweiler

Tidus – the Rottweiler

Yes, we would be honored for you to share Tidus’ story with others

Understandably, we were reluctant too of trying your products and skeptical of its efficacy but are so glad we decided to give it a try. With all the testimonials online and the money back guarantee, we were confident we had nothing to lose and everything to gain. If we can help others by getting them to try your amazing products and it saves one dogs’ life, it will bring me great joy! Attached are 3 pictures of Tidus – you may use any one you choose or all 3 if you want. Let me know if you need any additional information from us. Tidus is a purebred Rottweiler. He will be 11 years old on 8/5/13 and we have had him since he was 10 weeks old.

We appreciate the offer for the free product, as keeping Tidus on the K9 Immunity Plus for the duration of his life along with all his other cancer treatments is starting to add up and put a financial strain on us. We would be grateful to get a free bag of the K9 Immunity Plus product for Tidus. Thank you!

Again, thank you so much for everything you do and for making this amazing product that has and will continue to save the lives of our beloved fur babies. God Bless You All! We will continue to keep you updated on Tidus’ progress.

Thanks, Gina (mom to Tidus – the Rottweiler)*

*Disclaimer: All testimonials are opinions of individual customers. Individual results may vary.

Jasper - 11 Years Old

Jasper – 11 Years Old

All I have to say about these products Is why? Why did I not find this sooner?!

I began to give my dog k9 immunity plus and total biotics the same day I received them. I only bought them to help with an elbow sore that would not stay healed with antibiotics. What I got was a lot more than I had ever imagined. This sore would heal while using antibiotics but immediately come back as soon as the treatment was over. After doing this for six WEEKS I came across your site. After six DAYS, not only did the sore heal, my dog has never looked or felt this good in his life.

In total it has been three weeks since I’ve been using k9 medicinals. He is eleven years old and now looks half his age. His eyes are bright and crystal clear, his breath now has no odor, his yeasty skin issues have been cleared, he has energy levels I can’t even keep up with. He has not had even one episode of stomach issues that plagued him his whole life. He has almost stopped shedding completely and now has a coat softer than velvet and noticeably darker in color.

This stuff is truly amazing and I would recommend it to everyone. For once I can say I am satisfied that I have helped my dog. After going to the vet for years, and paying what would amount to a down payment on a house with little to no results, I finally found an answer.

I can’t thank you enough, John A

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Melodie’s Frisbee Wonder Dog, Dakota

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Thank you for the great service and wonderful product

Cesar is doing great

I just want to thank you for the great service and wonderful product you have provided over these 8 months My dog Cesar was diagnosed with cancer in April 2012 and had a mass removed from his intestine. I can tell you I was heartbroken when the vet called with the news that it was cancer and had spread to his Lymphnodes (sp).

Although I don’t know what type of cancer it is as another biopsy was required at of coarse an additional cost. I can say the cancer vet didn’t sound optimistic and I refused to let him tell me how long my best friend had to live as I refused to have an expiration date stamped on my dog. After some research I found your site and ordered your product and to date my Cesar is doing great!!! He is his old self. When the cancer vet saw him for a check up he said he would never know he was sick. I feel it is all because of K9 Immunity Plus and I tell everyone about it!! If anyone else reads this and has a dog with cancer PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give it a try it does work and our best friends are worth it!!!!

I actually called my primary vet today to schedule Cesar for his rabies shot and they placed me on hold and the receptionist came back on the line and in a soft voice said “how is he doing”..and I was happy to reply sounded like even they couldnt believe he was still with us.


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Hi Dorla and Everyone on K9 Medicinals, I wanted to give you an update on Bradie.

He turned three on October 12th. A year ago we did not think he would make it to his third birthday. Two operations to remove mast cell cancer within six months really didn’t paint a positive picture. None-the-less we remained hopeful. After the second operation Bradie was placed on prednisone. He had almost every textbook side affect to this medication: lethargy, increased appetite and thirst, incontinence, hair loose, and dry nose. His hair even became brittle/coarse like Cushings disease, which is also something prednisone can cause.

Bradie, Marlie and Pacey in front of the peonies

He had been on K9 Immunity Plus ever since his diagnosis last September. Once he came off the prednisone around May of this year I contacted Dorla for advice. I felt Bradie needed an extra boost. Dorla suggested to supplement the K9 Immunity Plus with the K9 Immunity. These two medications have equalled SUCCESS for Bradie. He is happy, full of energy, playing with his brothers again, his coat is gorgeous….BUT most of all we are at 7 months without the return of a mast cell tumor. I check his leg everyday and have not found a shred of evidence that the tumor is coming back. I check his entire body once a week and so far he is in the clear.

In my heart I know with 100% certainty that the K9 Medicinal products are the reason for Bradie’s health. Everyone with a pet should know about your products, they should know they work! I wish I could shout it from the rooftops and let the world know about your products. Our entire family would be lost without Bradie, without K9 Medicinals I truly feel he would not be here today.

Thank you from the the entire Miller family*

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I just wanted to thank you for your product

My dog Bear broke his leg severely when he was about 10 months old. The vet performed two surgeries on Bear but could not fix the leg to 100%. It was 15 degrees off. As a result Bear limped. For two and a half years. I felt guilty about doing the operations – if Bear had to walk in pain everyday. Then I got your product. I didn’t really believe all the hooey that I read online. How could enzymes help in healing? Three months after Bear started taking Total Zymes – he no longer limps. He trots now – with his tail up in the air – almost like prancing – he feels so good. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have a customer for life!

~ Sherree*

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Thank you so much for getting my first order of K9 Immunity Plus to me so quickly!

k9medicnals pug

Thank you so much for getting my first order of K9 Immunity Plus to me so quickly for my Pug.

I ordered it on Thursday and it came today (Saturday). Since my vet’s opinion was a positive one, after she read the veterinary insert you were kind enough to email to me, I started my 10 year old Pug with the heart tumor on it as soon as it arrived today. I also have another Pug who is a 2-time survivor of MCT cancer and I am planning to give it to him, too.

I hope you will be able to continue to offer K9 Immunity Plus at the presently reduced price. I’m recently unemployed so the savings you are currently offering mean I will be able to afford to re-order when my supply gets low.

Sincerely, Sandie L*

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I want to thank you for how quickly you ship my orders and answer my questions.

Sonny and Jordan

Sonny and Jordan

I have 2 dogs with cancer- my own dog and a dog that we rescued. Nice to know when you need something or have a question it gets answered and shipped quickly.

I can not wait to start the k-9 immunity plus chewable will be so much easier to give the dogs as they will think they are getting a treat.

I have attached pictures of the pups I have that are taking the K9 Immunity Plus. Sonny is in the first picture and Jordan is in the second one.

Thank you – L. Sobieski*

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Our little Senior Samee Antonio has been on the K9 Immunity and Transfer Factor for just over 2 years now and is doing great.

little Senior Samee Antonio

Our little Senior Samee Antonio

I just wanted to let you know that our little Senior Samee Antonio has been on the K9 Immunity and Transfer Factor for just over 2 years now and is doing great.

He had a large malignant melanoma surgically removed and then a short time after had a very small one removed. We put him on the K9 Immunity and Transfer Factor very shortly after. He is 12 now but probably more like an 8 or 9 year old.

We were broken hearted when be received the horrible news thinking he wouldn’t be with us much longer. We’re delighted that he is and have to think it’s because of your products.

He was at the vet last month for his vaccinations and a check up and our vet is thrilled because there seems to be no reoccurrence.

Thank you so much for offering such a great product line. – Patty*

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We can not say thank you enough or stop recommending these amazing probiotics.

We can not say thank you enough

“I am a K9 officer and my dog Johnny has been going through a rough bout of diarrhea with blood and loosing a very large amount of weight. He spent several nights in the Doggy ER with lethargy, dehydration and bloody diarrhea.

I believe we have spent about $2000.00 on vet bills with no diagnoses besides possible colitis or IBS. The vet recommended placing him on probiotics to help his stomach. We came across these amazing probiotics that have turned our dogs stomach problems around! We can not say thank you enough or stop recommending these amazing probiotics.” – Thank you, Dan and Johnny*

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Bradie has been cancer free for 3 months

Bradie has been cancer free for 3 months

Bradie has been cancer free for 3 months

“Just wanted to take a moment to tell you that my 2 year old boxer, Bradie has been cancer free for 3 months. I found a lump on one of his back legs on September 30th. Less than one week later he was being operated on to remove Mast Cell Cancer! I was devastated. He was just under 2 years old at the time. I was beside myself with grief and asking where did I go wrong. I was feeding him all natural/holistic diet. Even his treats were the best of the best. No grains or corn in anything he ever ate.

Well come to find out his cancer stemmed from an immune deficiency he had as a puppy. By the time he was 4 months old he was loosing his hair and was always cold. He would actually sit next to the heat vents, crawl under blankets or sleep on top of his older brother, Marlie. His body had forgotten how to control mast cells. Months later too many of them gathered together and formed a tumor. The bad news was the type of cancer it was, the good news; it was low dividing cells grade 2 cancer…if that can be good news…but at that point any good news was a God send.

Thanks for helping to save Bradie’s life

Thanks for helping to save Bradie’s life

The day we were given the diagnosis I was up all night on the internet searching one website after another. Early on I came across the K9 Immunity website. I called my vet the very next day and told him about the website. He looked it up and called me back. He admitted he had never heard of the website or the medication, but liked what the meds were made of and said I should try it. His extract words were ” It couldn’t hurt to try it.” I ordered the meds the next morning.

Bradie gets a full body check daily from me for any new lumps. His vet checks in on him from time to time. But mostly he had been on K9 immunity everyday just after his operation. Now I know 3 months cancer free does not put him in the clear..but it’s a big milestone for us and I truly feel K9 Immunity has had a big part in keeping Bradie healthy. Yes, his diet is a big part of that too. No grain, soy or corn will ever be given to him. Currently he is eating Taste of the Wild (something he has had in the past) as it came highly recommended for dogs with cancer. Right now he is eating High Prairie but soon he will transition to Wetlands. I feel it’s important to change what your dog is eating from time to time…rotation diet of sorts. I feel not only does your dog get a change of flavor but also gives them a chance for more rounded nutrients. He gets raw medallions from Instinct. He gets treats that have no grains or corn such as Coconut Crunchers and Northern biscuits.

If I could say one thing to anyone who has a dog with cancer it would be this: Get K9 Immunity immediately! Give it to them religiously! Feed them all natural or holistic foods that are grain, soy and corn free. Never by any treat without thinking of the same rules…READ the ingredients. I am telling you from my heart that I truly believe if not for K9 Immunity and the all natural diet he has been on his whole life, I don’t think he would be here today.

I am attaching four pictures: first picture is the day we brought him home from the breeder at 8 weeks old. The second shows him sleeping on his brother with the bald patches on his hip area (when he had the immune deficiency. The third is just an adorable super model pose. The fourth is a picture taken just a few weeks ago, he is in the middle with his two brothers on each side (left to right : pacey, Bradie and Marlie).

Thanks for helping to save Bradie’s life…thanks is not enough, but there are no words for how profoundly grateful I truly feel.” – Best Wishes, Liz Miller*

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“Jenna had 3 clean check ups…no cancer.”

“They have given my girl a new lease on life…”

“Jenna was diagnosed with breast cancer in November. Having gone through too much loss, I dug in my heals vowing that I would not lose her. I did a ton of research. My vet wanted to do chemo, I said no. I found K9 Medicinals and along with a lot of other supplements. Jenna has had 3 clean check ups… no cancer. She also gets an all raw diet. My vet is astonished and gives my number to many of his clients.

We have K9 Medicinal flyers and we have saved many dog’s lives. I am a dog trainer at PETCO and give my success story to many people even if it’s just to keep their friends healthy. I am so indebted to your wonderful products, they have given my girl a new lease on life. With these products and God’s help, Jenna will be around as long as her beautiful mom, Reba. Thank you for your products and all of the lives you have saved.” – Roxanne and Jenna*

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Gabriel’s lung tumor didn’t increase in size

Gabriel’s lung tumor didn’t increase in size

“His tumor didn’t increase in size…”

“Beautiful Gabriel was diagnosed in the fall of 2008 with a tumor on his lung. I immediately got on the internet and researched what could be done to help him as it wasn’t something operable. I came across K9 Medicinals and was impressed with the website and figured what the heck may as well try it. My veterinarians did not discourage me either and medicines had no side effects on him…he was happy for the extra cream cheese that was wrapped around his pills! I ordered recommended K9 Immunity, (K9) Transfer Factor and (K9) Omega pills and switched him to a high protein diet dry dog food.

His tumor didn’t increase in size in any significant amount the 11 months prior to his untimely death one month shy of his 12th birthday due to complications from an infection unrelated to his tumor. I was impressed that his tumor only changed in a minuscule amount and did not spread. I felt confident with this treatment and would totally recommend it in the future for anyone I know whose dog is facing cancer. This company always wrote us personal notes which were also a special touch of encouragement.” – Claudia and Chuck, CA

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Almost 1 year later, Doc's lymphoma hardly worsened.

Almost 1 year later, Doc’s lymphoma hardly worsened.

“He is still active, happy and in good spirits…”

“‘Doc’ our seven year old Basset Hound, was diagnosed with Lymphoma in January, 2007. His prognosis was four months, at the most. A friend told us about the wonderful success their family had with the K9 Medicinals products. We decided to give them a try.

Doc has been taking K9 Immunity and K9 Transfer Factor for eleven months now. He is still active, happy and in good spirits. His lymph nodes are only slightly enlarged. The folks at K9 Medicinals provide wonderful customer service and love dogs! These products are, literally, a lifesaver!” – D. Keith and N. Zufelt, NV*

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“He survived three times longer…”

“I have been buying your K9 Immunity products for several months and I am convinced they added immeasurably to my dog’s health and well being. Unfortunately, he passed away shortly after my last order for the (K9) Transfer Factor. But, with the K9 Immunity and Transfer Factor he survived three times longer with the cancer than any Vet had predicted and I am so happy that we had him through the Christmas holidays. Thank you SO much for helping us with our dog.” – M. Holt, New Jersey*

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Samantha’s energy level increased and her coat color returned

Samantha’s energy level increased and her coat color returned

“I have seen her energy level increase dramatically…”

“Samantha has been on K9 Immunity for 9 months. During that time I have seen her energy level increase dramatically and that Terrier zest for life return and most importantly – no tumors. Friends have commented on her new found energy and coat color. The color in her coat is more pronounced, she is once again tri color, not a faded loss of coat color. It is amazing to me to see the difference in Sam and have her return to my energetic companion. My vets have seen the change but seem to ignore that the only change in Sam’s life has been K9 Immunity.

I tell all my pet friends about your products and all of them can see the wonderfully positive results in Samantha. Please continue your research for all the pets who desperately need help in fighting this dreadful disease. A huge THANKS!” – R.W.*

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Casey plays with his friends at the park again

Casey plays with his friends at the park again

“He’s back to his routine of walking with me at the park every day…”

“Casey was diagnosed with incurable liver disease in August of 2009. He was given only 2-3 months to live. Casey didn’t have any energy, his fur was discolored and dull, and he just didn’t look well. He just turned 14 in December of 2009. My daughter, Amy, talked to our veterinarian, and she gave her the K9 Medicinals website. We ordered the product on November 4. Casey takes K9 Transfer Factor once a day and K9 Immunity five per day.

We saw positive results within a month. Casey’s fur looks so healthy; it is no longer discolored or dull. His energy level has improved and he is back to his daily routine of walking with me at the park every day. We have walked the trail in the park ever since he was a puppy, and it is good to see him playing and running with all of his friends again. We took him to the vet to get his liver enzymes checked again and they have gone down significantly and Dr. Lusk is surprised and pleased with his progress. Thank you K9 Medicinals! We will definitely tell others in similar situations about the wonderful product. Casey thanks you too!” – Rick and Leena K.*

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“Those pills have given her relief and comfort…”

“We got the medicine yesterday…thank you again for such diligence. I am convinced that Winston would be suffering and maybe not alive, if not for the K9 Immunity and Transfer Factor. When I first read about it, I was online trying to figure out how to reduce the edema that caused her paw to swell to 3 time its normal size. When I called multiple vets in town, they all said, ‘yeah, she’s got osteosarcoma. She’s going to die, so you might want to consider putting her down.’

I began giving her the medicine two days after I first read about it and by the following day, the swelling in her paw had gone down considerably. By the end of the first week, it was back to normal. I have no expectation that the tumor will disappear, but I know for certain these pills have given her relief and comfort when nobody else offered any. Thank you again for hard work and kindness. I’m certain Winston can feel it as well.” – D. Gomez, Tennessee*

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Skippy lived longer than predicted.

Skippy lived longer than predicted.

“Thanks to you…for all the comfort and hope…”

“I wanted to let you know that we lost our Skippy last Friday. He died in his sleep after a happy day with me. He did NOT die of cancer. There is no doubt in my mind that the reason Skippy was with us over one year is because of K9 Immunity.

My thanks for helping us keep Skippy longer than had been predicted by the ‘experts.’ And, thanks to you and your organization for all the comfort and hope. – P.J.*

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Milo is a miracle

Milo is a miracle

“The vet says he should not even be alive…”

“Miracle Milo: We adopted Milo, a lab Shepherd mix from a rescue group on 1/30/2006. On 9/9/2010 Milo started limping so we had him checked out by a vet. It turned out that he had osteosacroma in his left leg. Our choices were amputation and chemo which we could not afford, so we searched the internet and found K9 Immunity and (K9) Transfer Factor. We decided to try it. Our miracle boy has been taking 6 K9 Immunity and one Transfer Factor daily. We have now had him for 4 years and he is almost at his 5 month mark of surviving with cancer.

The vet says he should not even be alive. He is a true miracle thanks to k9 immunity and lots of love. Milo walks on three legs but is so full of energy. He just lost half of his ear in a dog fight two days ago. We will never stop using and keep recommending K9 Immunity. As of Feb 9, 2010, Milo will be 5 months with cancer.” – B.W., Oakland, CA*

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Zac is in full remission

Zac is in full remission

“Our vet has been amazed at how well Zac has been doing…”

“Our German Shepherd, Zac, developed large enlargements of his lymph nodes. We took him to our vet and he did a biopsy of one of the nodes. The report came back negative for cancer. The swelling did not go down so we took him to a different vet. This time four of the nodes were tested for cancer and all four tested positive for lymphoma. Lesson here: if your dog has lymph node enlargements be sure to get at least, if not all, of the nodes tested. We wasted two weeks or more in getting treatment started by having only one node tested.

After consultation with a prominent canine oncologist our vet put Zac on a nineteen week regimen using a modified Wisconsin protocol. He will be finished the first week in February 2010. We started him on the K9 Immunity and the Transfer Factor at the beginning of the treatment. Our vet has been amazed at how well Zac has been doing.

His white blood count has stayed up even after the most severe of the chemo treatments. Zac is in full remission but of course we will do the whole 19 week series. Our vet fully concurred with our use of the supplements. We will continue use of the supplements after the treatment is finished. I recommend the product.” – Tom and Mike Whitlock, FL*

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Junior’s “pretty much back to normal.”

“Junior is enjoying his life and is pain-free…”

“By the time Junior was diagnosed on August 3 (?) he had already lost 16 pounds in a relatively short period of time. That week, we put him on K9 Medicinals. Two months later when we weighed him again he had not lost any more weight. Since then he has only lost a total of 4 pounds including the weight he lost due to not eating for 3 days because of his surgery. So his weight loss has greatly slowed if not stopped.

The other thing is that the vet saw his liver in person when he opened him up for surgery. He told us it’s in very bad condition. When we went to get the stitches out, he asked us how Junior was doing and he was surprised to hear he’s pretty much back to normal, eating well, walking in the woods, going for daily car rides, strolling around the yard, barking when someone comes to the door, going up and down the stairs, and even playful. (Yesterday he even played a little tug of war). He never was very active to begin with and of course he’s slowing down with age since he’s over 12 now. But he’s doing pretty much everything he ever did that was normal for him. He’s feisty and spoiled and demanding too! Like an old man who wants to stay on his routine.

The vet said most dogs with a lot less problems than Junior has would not be doing what he is doing! Once again, all the glory to God and a huge thanks to K9 Medicinals. I am convinced he would not be doing so well if he were not taking your supplements. They are helping him so much!

I know he’s not cured and this won’t last forever. But we are getting the extra time- and good quality time – we hoped and prayed for. Junior is enjoying his life and is pain-free as far as we can tell, which is pretty amazing considering how sick he is. Now that his spleen is OK, we have more time than 2-4 months. The timeframe for his liver cancer alone was 6-8 months and that was 3½ months ago. I guess things could go downhill fast, but as of right now he is showing no signs of even being sick. We are so, so grateful for every day with our sweet man.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how things were going and to thank you so much for all your kindness. You will never know how much you mean to our family. You gave us hope in one of our darkest hours. I’ll be ordering more K9 Immunity soon and also more Dog Immune for Clemenza. Thank you so much for everything and God bless you and your loved ones. Blessings and love.” – R. Pittelli*

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Gracie finished her second round of chemo with no side effects.

Gracie finished her second round of chemo with no side effects.

“We noticed a huge change in her within 2 weeks…”

“Just wanted to say thanks for your great products. My dog Gracie had been limping for a couple of years. We were told by her vet she had hip displasia and the surgery would cost $5,000. It took a couple years to save the money for the surgery. We took her in May 5th of this year to have the surgery. When they took the x-rays they found out it was osteosarcoma and that her leg was fractured is several places.

They said the best thing to do would be to put her down since she had already had the cancer for several years already. I decided to have her leg amputated. Went home and did tons of research and found K9 Immunity. Ordered it right away along with K9 Transfer Factor and K9 Omega. We noticed a huge change in her within two weeks.

She stopped sleeping during the day and had tons of energy. She was acting like a puppy again. Gracie had normally spend most of her time sleeping and now she sleeps at night when we do and is up all day. She just finished her second round of chemo with no side effects and is doing great. The vets gave her 6-12 months to live but thanks to your products hopefully she will prove them all wrong. Here’s a pic of her taken yesterday.” – Tonya and Gracie*

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Kenai is playing with his sister Pickles again.

Kenai is playing with his sister Pickles again.

“We are so grateful to still have our fluffy boy Kenai…”

“When the vet told us that our sweet doggie Kenai had Lymphoma we were so so sad. We couldn’t imagine life without our big fluffy boy. Since Kenai is 13 we decided against chemo and the steroids the vet prescribed were very hard on his body and gave him seizures. Then we decided to try the K9 Medicinal products and he went from barely moving around to getting up and playing with his sister Pickles in just a week. He really has become more active and more happy now that he is off the steroids and on the vitamins.

I don’t know what they put in those vitamins but there has been a noticeable difference. We are so grateful to still have our fluffy boy Kenai and I really feel that it is because of K9 Medicinals!” – Sky Rondenet, CA*

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Oshi playing in the snow a year and a half after being diagnosed with Lymphoma.

Oshi playing in the snow a year and a half after being diagnosed with Lymphoma.

“There is no doubt that these products really work…”

“I really wanted to say how glad I was to have found your products. There seems to be so much emphasis here in the UK on treating cancer with methods such as chemotherapy that unless you go looking or feel open-minded to alternative treatment your pet doesn’t have the best chance he or she can get. Oshi was diagnosed with lymphoma nearly a year and a half ago now and was only given a couple of months. He’s still with us and the photo of him in the snow was taken on our holiday to Wales at Christmas where he was charging up and down the mountains. There is no doubt that these products really work and it’s such a shame that more vets over here aren’t willing to see this. I really appreciate all your help and kindness and will keep you updated as to how he’s doing. Thank you again.” – Catherine*

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Mango before her surgery. She’s much better with K9 Immunity™ and K9 Transfer Factor™.

Mango before her surgery. She’s much better with K9 Immunity™ and K9 Transfer Factor™.

“Within a week of using K9 Immunity we began to see changes…”

“Our precious Mango, a 5 year old Golden Retriever was diagnosed with a stage III Mast Cell Tumor on her tongue. A very fast spreading tumor that went from the size of a pea to the size of a quarter within a week. The tumor was surgically removed and since radiation and chemo therapy were not options, we felt pretty helpless. Searching the internet I found K9 Immunity. I researched and read all I could about the disease. It took about a month before I settled on trying the K9 Immunity products. It was better than doing nothing.

Within the week of using K9 Immunity we began to see changes in our girl, her eyes were clearer, drooling less, appetite increased and firmer stools. She gained back much of the weight she had lost to the cancer. She was starting to act more like her old self. What K9 immunity gave us, was HOPE. Let me tell you that life with HOPE is so much better than life without it. My greatest regret was that I waited a month wandering through the internet in doubt, worry and hopelessness. I wish I would have purchased the products sooner. I don’t fully understand how it all works, but we are very happy with the results.

We aren’t skipping through life thinking that she’s totally cured but we like what we see and will keep using K9 Immunity and (K9) Transfer Factor. I was skeptical at first too. Research quickly, don’t wait like me. It’s the real deal, don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself, just try it, you’ll see for yourself.

Diet change: 80% ground turkey/20% dry kibble
Supplements: Omega 3, CQ10, Vits with DHA, K9 Immunitiy + (K9) Transfer Factor, Calcium
1/2 Benedryl each meal, 1/2 cimetidine (acid heartburn relief) every other day.
No radiation (not on tongue)/No steroids (highly sensitive/allergic) /No chemo
 Chip P. , CA*

*Disclaimer: All testimonials are opinions of individual customers. Individual results may vary.

“Chester lived a full and happy life up until the age of 13.2 years.”

“To my vet’s surprise and mine, he became himself again…”

“My dog Chester became strangely ill on August 17th, 2005. He stopped eating, now for Chester not to eat was a problem, but I thought maybe an upset stomach, maybe he wants my food, maybe, and then he collapsed. I rushed him to the animal hospital and was not ever in a million years prepared to hear what I heard, and to this day it still resonates in my head. ‘Your dog has advanced liver cancer that has also entered his lymph nodes. He has two weeks to live, maybe less.’ I honestly thought they were joking, two weeks, but he is only 9 years old, he was fine just three days ago. You’re wrong I thought, you made a mistake.

They gave me medicine to ease any pain he may be in and sent me home with my two weeks. Wait a minute I thought, this is an animal hospital on a Sunday, not my regular vet. My vet would tell me this hospital is crazy, or the doctor does not know how to read the tests. Yeah that’s what will happen. Monday came and that’s not what happened, he had cancer, and in the liver and lymph nodes as the hospital stated. Two weeks maybe at the most. At this point I had a choice, let him die or become proactive. So I went web hunting, typed in liver cancer and dogs and lymph nodes (Up until this point I had no idea what a lymph node was) Things did not look good, bleak actually, and then at 3 AM in the morning I typed in ‘help my dog has cancer’ and it lead me to a bunch of sites that people talk about their dogs and cancer.

A bunch of people talked about something called K9 Immunity and how it helped with cancer. Now I was desperate and skeptical at the same time, so I went to the web site to check this product out. After reading the site and what people said about what it does, and the honest fact that I would do anything to make him better, I ordered K9 Immunity. Next day delivery of course. That day gave me four more years with Chester. To my vet’s surprise and mine he became himself again, he played again, he ate and ate and ate again. I did change his diet that was more cancer unfriendly, had his blood work done every 4 months and my vet added URSO to help his liver do its job better. Chester lived a full and happy life up until the age of 13.2 years. I was not ready for “two weeks”, but never was happier to be given 4 years.

Thank you for the time you gave me with him, it was a gift I can never repay.” –Bernard*

*Disclaimer: All testimonials are opinions of individual customers. Individual results may vary.


Ellie's quality of life increased.

Ellie’s quality of life increased.

“We just celebrated 3 months since her diagnosis…”

“I just want to thank you for yet another happy day with Ellie, my goldendoodle! Ellie had an emergency spleenectomy in early March, 2009 and was diagnosed with splenic hemangiosarcoma. One vet told me she could be gone in as little as 6 weeks. I knew there had to be a way to increase the number of our days together! In addition to chemo, I scoured the internet and crafted a cancer care plan for Ellie that includes K9 Immunity, K9 Transfer Factor and K9 Omega.

We just celebrated 3 months since her diagnosis and we expect more celebrations ahead. Ellie’s appetite is great, her energy level is high and her liver function numbers have stabilized. I firmly believe the K9Immunity products have made a wonderful impact in helping Ellie heal quickly from surgery, recover quickly from chemo and have increased the quality of her life in general. Thanks for your help and encouragement as we embrace every good day!” – Sarah B., WI*

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“She is 13 yrs old and runs around still like a puppy…”

“My dog Snooker was brought to the vet after I had come home to find her laying on the ground she was unable to walk, after lots of test and the vet telling us that she has no chance. I would not accept that I was determined to save my little girl, so I researched on line and thank God I found K9 Immunity I ordered it right away. Then she came home after lots of tests and they scoped her intestine to send off to Tennessee, meanwhile I started the K9 Immunity and she had a follow-up to be scoped again this time to go to Miami to be tested they could not find out what was wrong it came back fine. She is 13 yrs old and runs around still like a puppy the vet told me whatever your doing keep doing it she seems to be fine. He was definitely impressed. I told him K9 Immunity and lots of praying. Thanks again for helping my baby.” – Tamie B., Florida*

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Mitch's tumor started shrinking and then his lymphoma cells disappeared.

Mitch’s tumor started shrinking and then his lymphoma cells disappeared.

“K9 Medicinals have helped us to make medical history…”

“We have always had 4 footed members of our family. We lost 2 chocolate labs at 15 to cancer. We lost a precious terrier (like the star in Hotel for Dogs) at 10 to cancer. Since that time we have found a very good hematologist/oncologist who is the one that first told us about K9 Medicinals. I think that is a true testimony to what your products can do.

Mitch is an 18 year old Alaskan Snow Dog with a teenie bit of Papillion in him. He is truly a senior citizen that I would clone if I could. He looks like a puppy. Even vets will say, “How old is your puppy?” He has always been active and enjoys life. In the summer of 2008 he had cataract surgery and kept moving along. However, in the beginning of December of 2008 we noticed Mitch was sluggish. The tests showed possible lymphoma in the area of the spleen. His spleen was removed in 2003 but the slides showed lymphoma cells.

We started the Madison Protocol and were told to look at K9 Medicinals. We immediately started him on K9 Medicinals. Then the doctor said it was possibly histiocytic disease. If that were the case he would soon be gone. We kept giving him the chemo but also the K9 Medicinals – the 3 that go together.

Each time we would go in the ultrasound would show it still there but no larger. The doctor couldn’t figure why it wouldn’t get smaller but was glad it wasn’t growing. Then one day the picture showed it was getting smaller. At the same time, Mitch was getting more active again. He had perked up. We know that doesn’t happen on chemo so something else had to be doing that.

Finally we sent the slides to two pathologists at a cancer center in our area for humans and guess what? No more lymphoma cells. Now 7 months later, we wouldn’t think of ever taking him off of the medicinals. They have added spunk to his life and the doctors have said we may have medical history on our hands. The chemo typically will hold the tumors off for a period but without a transplant, they usually come back. They see no signs of the cells. We are sure the chemo was important but we know the K9 Medicinals have helped us to make the medical history with Mitch. He will stay on those for as long as we are fortunate to have him (at least 5 more years or so we hope).” –Bebe and William K.*

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Boomer made a swift recover from his surgery.

Boomer enjoyed 6 more months as the happy dog he had always been.

“Boomer made a swift recover from his surgery…”

“In the fall of 2008, Boomer began limping a little on his right front leg, but everyone thought it was probably just a strain. When it didn’t heal, however, he was taken to the vet in early December, and after two biopsies, it was confirmed as osteosarcoma or bone cancer…the most aggressive form. I found out about K9 Immunity the same week as Boomer’s surgery to amputate the leg. Faced with a grim prognosis of potentially only a very few weeks to live, I decided to try the K9 Immunity products to see if they lived up to the claims they made.

Boomer made a swift recovery from his surgery and again became the happy dog he always had been. Instead of only a few weeks with questionable quality of life, Boomer and his family enjoyed 6 more months of loving companionship before a sudden and peaceful crossing of the Rainbow Bridge. Having always been a promoter of natural forms of both human and pet health products, I would recommend the family of K9 Medicinals products if your canine family member is facing a battle with cancer or any other immune-compromising disease.” – Lois K., MI*

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For those looking for some try the K9 Immunity Package...

Four months after being diagnosed with osteosarcoma, Nash is still running.

“For those looking for some hope…do try the K9 Immunity Package…”

“I just had to let you know that I am placing my 5th order for the K9 Immunity package for large breed dogs. Our hound-Lab mix, Nash was diagnosed in September 2008 with Osteosarcoma. Because of various factors, none of the standard treatments were suitable for him. We were told that the cancer had broken through the bone, and had mostly likely mestatized to his lungs and other organs. He was given 2 months to live. Not willing to accept this, my husband and I did some internet research and found K9 Immunity. I’m happy to say that more than 4 months later, he is not only still weight-bearing, but still running (yes, running) around the yard, and guarding me carefully against my husband sneaking up on me. He limps, and has lost some weight, but I don’t think that qualifies as dead. I can only credit K9 Immunity, and the Wellness Core dog food with this, since Nash has had no other therapy. For those looking for some hope in the face of this devastating diagnosis, do try the K9 Immunity package. It certainly won’t hurt, and it just might help!”
 Leslie S.*

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He is definitely beating the odds so far...

After 5 rounds of chemo and surgery, no one can tell Baxter was ever sick.

“He is definitely beating the odds so far…”

”I just wanted to send a quick note to tell you how much I appreciate how quickly you have been shipping my orders. In addition, I wanted to tell you that Baxter was diagnosed in early August with Hemangiosarcoma on his heart. He had his pericardium and right auricle removed immediately. After healing, he went through five rounds of chemotherapy and has also been on K9 Immunity. He is currently at 4-1/2 months post diagnosis, which is much better than expected and is doing amazingly well! People that see him can’t even tell that anything is wrong with him! I don’t know what part of his overall treatment has helped him the most, but he is definitely beating the odds so far. I cannot thank you enough. He’s my best friend and I cherish every moment we are together. Thank you.” – Chad and Baxter*

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19 months plus with cancer and still going Strong...

Some days, Hannah still acts like a pup!

“19 months plus with cancer and still going Strong…”

We just wanted to let you know that our yellow Lab, Hannah, is still going strong after 11 months.
If you look closely in the picture, you can see the tumor on her left rear leg. They wanted to do chemotherapy and radiation, but we picked quality of life and researched the internet and found you. We changed her diet and added K9Immunity, K9Transfer Factor and K9Omega Fish Oil and the tumor has not grown. Some days she still acts like a pup!

Susan and I want to thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for giving Hannah a new lease on life. Thank you again.” – Rick, Susan and Hannah*

UPDATE 7/13/09: Hannah, 19 months plus with cancer and going Strong. Our vet said he has only seen one other dog last so long.*

*Disclaimer: All testimonials are opinions of individual customers. Individual results may vary.

Tessie is 13 but gets up and down so fast, it’s incredible

Tessie is 13 but gets up and down so fast, it’s incredible.

“The results have been almost miraculous…”
“I am so happy to write this testimonial to tell you how well my 13 year old bull mastiff, Tessie, is doing. In August of this year, Tessie developed mast cells tumors – one on her side and one on her jowl. The veterinarian operated and removed both with a wide margin – they were both grade 2 (our of 4) so the prognosis was very good.

Within 2 months, however, Tessie began limping so badly on her left front leg that I was afraid she might have bone cancer. Sure enough, she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in her leg. They said the only option was to amputate her leg. We would not put her through this, so the vet gave us tramadol and said all we could do was to keep her free from pain. Tessie quickly went downhill, and would not even stand to eat. We fed her with a spoon, although she ate very little. To use the bathroom she walked on the front side of her paw and just sort of drug it along – it was heartbreaking. We knew we had to put her to sleep within a matter of days, and called the vet to make arrangements.

It was at this time that I spent a lot of time on the internet researching canine cancer, and came upon your website to read about your K9 Immunity, (K9) Transfer Factor, and (K9) Omega 3 fish oils. We had a shipment overnighted to us, and immediately began giving Tessie the regimen – both morning and evening. We wrap the pills in a piece of ham or turkey, and she wolfs them down. Well, within 2 days she was up walking again. She now has been taking the full dosage for almost 3 weeks, and I will say the results have been almost miraculous.

We are also feeding her very high protein and for the most part, organic food (with no grains) and sardines (for omega 3) on top every evening. She is, of course, an old dog, but now she is barely limping and getting to her feet (from laying down) so quickly it is unbelievable. I feel sure she still has the cancer, because her left leg is still not as strong as it once was. But I do not believe she is in pain, although I am still giving her 1/2 tramadol AM and PM. She is 120 pounds, so you can see that this is a very small dose. Each day we have with her feeling so great is a tremendous blessing. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart!.” – Clare, GA*

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Percy never had any side effects from the chemo...

People are surprised when they see Percy and learn he has cancer and is going through chemotherapy because he looks so healthy.

“Percy never had any side effects from the chemo…”
“I cannot thank you enough for your products. My mutt, Percy, was diagnosed with his second mast cell tumor in December 2007. He had the tumor removed and a lymph node removed also. Chemotherapy was recommended and we started in January. I started him ( and my other two dogs) on a non-grain diet.

I also started him on your regimen and we will complete chemotherapy in April. Percy has had no ill effects from the chemotherapy and seems to be tumor free. His other lymph nodes are not showing any signs of growth. People are amazed when I say my dog has cancer and is going through chemotherapy because he looks and acts just fine. Thank you so much for your advice and great products. I feel that your products have helped us along with chemotherapy. Percy is as healthy and happy as he can be and I believe that lots of love and your product have made the difference.*

Update – April 2008
Just an update on Percy. We completed our last chemo treatment on Tuesday and he is doing well. Percy never had any side effects from the chemo and I think it is your medications.
Thanks so much for your product and our kinds words whenever I receive an order.” – C. Nolte, OH*

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Gave me hope when the future looked bleak...

Shadow has his old spark back and he is progressing well after surgery.

“Gave me hope when the future looked bleak…”
“Our eight year old Sheltie, Shadow, was diagnosed with cancer last August ( 2007). His was a nasal cancer for which the veterinarian gave us only the chemo and radiation options. Not being willing to subject him to a painful process in a distant city, for which there was little guarantee of cure, I turned to the internet and found your website. It was like finding an oasis in the desert. I ordered the K9 Immunity, (k9) Transfer Factor and (K9) Omega and kept him on it through the fall and winter.

In December, we found an oncologist who said he felt he could operate on Shadow and remove the cancer. We agreed to the operation, and Shadow came home on Christmas Eve, making this a happy Christmas for all of us. So far Shadow is progressing well, has his old spark back, and hopefully, will be with us for a few more years.

I just wanted to tell you that the medicine and testimonials of your customers gave me hope when the future looked bleak for Shadow. May K9Medicinals offer the same help to many others.” – C. Phillips, NC*

*Disclaimer: All testimonials are opinions of individual customers. Individual results may vary.

“She lived happily and with great vitality…”
“After being diagnosed with a large mass in her chest at almost 9 years of age, our beautiful dog Candy’s prognosis was not good–3 months survival at most and little hope for a successful surgery. We started her on K9 Immunity and (K9) Transfer Factor that week. Adding steroids from the vet 6 months later. While the mass never went away, she lived happily and with great vitality until she was almost 12 years of age-about another 3 years! Thanks for making this wonderful product available.” – L. Frances, NY*


He is fetching sticks again...

Fred’s energy is improved and he puts full weight on his cancerous leg again

“He is fetching sticks again…”
“I can’t thank you enough for what K9 Immunity has done for Fred, my 12 year old Schnauzer/Terrier mix. The vet had prescribed Remydyl, which did not help his pronounced limp. After x-rays, the vet said Fred had cancer and arthritis and Remydyl and amputation were my only options.

I found the K9Medicinals web site and ordered K9 Immunity and (K9) Transfer Factor, not expecting much. I quickly saw improvement. Last week I was on vacation and my son diligently gave Fred his medication. When I came home, I saw a dramatic improvement in Fred. He puts full weight on the affected leg. His energy is improved. Yesterday, he ran through the woods and several to blocks to a stream. He is fetching sticks again.

Everyday I have with Fred is a gift. His life is in God’s hands and we are blessed to have this product helping to enjoy his life.” – Marlene P., NJ*

*Disclaimer: All testimonials are opinions of individual customers. Individual results may vary.