How did my dog get cancer?

Cancer cells form when the immune system is so weak, it can’t recognize a normal, healthy cell from a damaged one. When the immune system is strong, the body destroys and purges damaged cells before they cause harm.

But when the immune system is weakened (from illness, toxins, or age), the body doesn’t recognize the damaged cells are there, and lets them continue replicating more damaged cells. In time, these damaged cells clump together into a cancerous tumor.

K9 Immunity™ attacks cancer at its source

How K9 Immunity Works

K9 Immunity™ works by strengthening your dog’s immune system. So the body can differentiate healthy cells from damaged ones, then safely remove the damaged cells. It does this by firing up the immune cells.

When immune cells turn on, they do one of two things:

  1. Produce more healthy cells to strengthen the overall immune system and health
  2. Release cytokines (pronounced: si-toe-kynes), which are chemicals that kill tumors

K9 Immunity™ is the only formula that turns on all 260 types of immune cells. This provides your dog faster and better results.

And with a stronger immune system, your beloved dog:

  • Responds better to cancer treatments
  • Enjoys an improved quality of life
  • Is better protected against cancer recurrence and other illnesses