What is K9 Immunity™?

K9 Immunity™ and K9 Immunity Plus™ are an orally administered dietary supplement for daily use in adult dogs. It is formulated to optimize immune system function.

Each capsule contains 500 mg pure heteropolysaccharide extract. Made from biotech lab cultivated, full spectrum, non-GMO medicinal mushroom blend for optimal purity.

All K9 Immunity™ products are:

  • Safe for all breeds and sizes
  • Safe to use with other treatments
  • Have no known side-effects
  • 100% USDA Certified Organic
  • 100% non-toxic
  • 100% human-grade ingredients
  • 100% American made
  • Created in a FDA certified pharmaceutical manufacturing facility
  • Free of binders, fillers, flow enhancers and time release agents

Info For Your Vet

What is K9 Immunity? Information for the Veterinarian (PDF)

K9 Immunity Plus™ Information for the Veterinarian (PDF)

Preclinical Evaluation of Concurrent Medicinal Mushroom–Based Immune-Enhancement Supplementation in Dogs Undergoing Chemotherapy for Various Illness Research (PDF)

More information:

K9 Immunity™ products consist of a heterogeneous mixture of multiple heteropolysaccharide moieties derived from several species of highly-studied medicinal mushrooms.

The primary types of heteropolysaccharides found in K-9 Immunity™ are different structural arrangements of long chain, high molecular weight, right-hand triple helix structure polysaccharides, primarily with 1-3 beta-linked main chain formation. [typified by Lentinan, PSK and PSP].

The main chain compositions are primarily composed of d-glucose and d-mannose, with greater and lesser degrees of alpha and beta linked side chain branching. The side branches contain a number of different five and six carbon sugars such as arabinose, xylose, fucose, fructose, mannose and glucose, with and without attached polypeptides and proteins.

The heteropolysaccharides and polysaccharide-protein [glycoprotein] complexes are hot water soluble and ethanol insoluble.

The main actions exhibited by the mushroom-derived polysaccharide and proteoglycan components appear to be activation and enhancement of various aspects of the innate and specific immune response [Host Mediated Immune Response].

The number and activity of T lymphocytes (T-cells), B lymphocytes (B-cells), macrophages and antigen presenting cells (APC) are stimulated and/or modulated.

This immune system activation is thought to be accomplished by binding of the beta-glucans, proteoglycans and other heteropolysaccharides to a specific cellular receptor known as the complement receptor type 3 [or CR3] on the surface of the various immune cells.

To date, K9 Immunity™ products were used in over one million canine patients. Regarding clinical outcome, the manufacturer’s observations remain overwhelmingly positive. Observations show patients:

  • Experience a greater quality of life
  • Longer remission status
  • Over all greater effective response to other therapies when using K9 Immunity™ products compared to patients not receiving it.

There exists a wealth of clinical data derived from trials using the heteropolysaccharide class of immune modulators as an adjunct to conventional therapy for treatment of illness in humans. While this data does not transfer across species lines directly, it is believed by many researchers that most of the mechanisms of action in the development and remission of illnesses are identical (or at least substantially similar) between humans and canines.

We observed canines seem to respond better to immunomodulation therapy than do humans. For detailed research on this mechanism of therapy, please contact us.

K9 Immunity™ products have no known contraindications in canines.

Use of K9 Immunity™ products are shown to lower abnormally high blood sugar levels and appears to increase the efficacy of insulin and oral anti-diabetic drugs. Care should be used in diabetic canines, and the dosage of insulin or oral anti-diabetic drugs may need to be adjusted accordingly.

Safety and efficacy have not been evaluated in pregnancy, lactation, or in puppies under one-year old. Caution and careful observation should be used in these cases.

There are no known drug interactions besides those associated with increased insulin sensitivity in diabetic patients as noted above.

K9 Immunity™ products are primarily used as a daily supplement in seriously ill canine patients. These products are not intended as a stand-alone canine therapy, except when no other treatment option is available.

Caregivers should be counseled that immunomodulation therapy alone may not be the best choice for treating their dog’s condition. Likewise, the caregivers should understand this supplement is intended to augment and enhance other therapeutic strategies.

There are no known adverse reactions with K9 Immunity™ products. An allergic reaction is always possible with this and all other biologically active agents. If an allergic reaction is suspected, stop the supplement immediately and contact the manufacturer, Aloha Medicinals, at (831) 426-2059.

There are no known incidences of K9 Immunity™ over dosage. The acute and chronic safety of this supplement has been tested at dosages up to 1,000 times the daily recommended dosage with no incidence of toxicity. K9 Immunity™ products are well-tolerated and non-toxic.


During active therapy and 7 days pre/post surgery:
500 mg of K9 Immunity™ or K9 Immunity™ Plus per ten pounds of body weight per day, taken with meals.

As an adjunct to antibiotic therapy:
500 mg per 20 pounds body weight per day is indicated for the duration of the therapy plus and an additional 7 days after antibiotic therapy has stopped.

General immune support:
After the patient is found illness-free, 500 mg per 20 lbs body weight per day with meals.

NOTE: In addition to K9 Immunity™ or K9 Immunity™ Plus, we recommend co-administering a Transfer Factor product such as bovine colostrums or avian source Transfer Factor. This enhances the bioavailability of the heteropolysaccharides immune modulator compounds. The daily dosage may be administered once daily or divided into multiple doses with equal effectiveness.

K9 Immunity™ is available in bottles of 84 capsules, 500 mg per capsule. K9 Immunity Plus™ is available as a chewable dog treat. Each treat contains 4000mg of beneficial ingredients.