Rosie's Story

Hearing your beloved dog has a serious illness may be one of the most heart-breaking

Dorla with Baby and Bogie

and traumatic experiences you face. We know, because that’s how we felt when our Bassett Hound Rosie was diagnosed.

In 2005, Rosie went in for her annual checkup. Even though she was 10-years old (most Bassetts live 10-11 years), she seemed healthy. So when the vet told us he found tumors on her lungs, liver and stomach, I was shocked. Making it worse, he said she only had two weeks to live at most.

On our ride home, I felt overwhelmed by sadness and guilt that I didn’t know she was sick all that time. I felt incredibly helpless because I wanted to give her every chance to fight her canine illness, but I didn’t know what to do.

I was desperate for a miracle.

I searched online for something – anything – that could help Rosie. Something that would give her a better quality of life during her last days. And hopefully give her a few more weeks with us.

That’s when I found K9 Immunity™. I asked my veterinarian about it. He said he didn’t see anything that would hurt her (or help her), but I should give it a try if it would help me feel better.

In all honesty, I felt skeptical too. But l gave the supplements a try – I had to do something!

Within the first day taking K9 Immunity™, Rosie perked up slightly. Within three days, her appetite improved and her energy level increased.

Rosie’s diagnosis was so advanced, our vet expected her to deteriorate rapidly. But with K9 Immunity™, Rosie continued improving and maintained a high quality of life until her final rest at 13-years old – which is an unusually long life for a Bassett Hound.

After seeing Rosie’s improvement, our vet now prescribes K9 Immunity™ to his patients.

On a mission to spread hope

After seeing Rosie’s improvement first-hand, I told nearly every dog owner I knew about K9 Immunity™. I wanted to help as many dogs as I could, so I kept spreading the word.

Eventually, my evangelizing became a full-time work of passion when I started our family-owned company, K9 Medicinals™.

If your canine family member has an illness, we understand how painful it is for you right now. That’s why we’re here to provide you clarity and hope.

We personally answer every call on our canine hotline. And respond to every email with as much detail as we can. So you get solid answers that help you make the right decisions.

So please, reach out to us any time with your questions.

Yours in hope,

A portion of every K9 Medicinal sale supports non-profit dog charities in the U.S.