Dear Friends,

We just received a question from a customer whose vet was concerned that K9Immunity boosts the immune system and by doing so might also feed cancer cells. Not so!!

Here is the straight scoop directly from Dr. John Holliday, who developed K9Immunity. He says, “K9 Immunity is NOT an immune stimulant, it is an immune modulator, which means it raises immune awareness of some classes of immune cells and lowers the activity of other classes of immune cells. In short, the idea of it somehow feeding the cancer just does not make sense. We have only seen positive results in about 1 million dogs treated so far, so I think perhaps your vet is just not aware of the product or today’s immune-based treatments of cancer.” More specific information for your vet can be found on our website in the section entitled “For the Vet” or in the packing slip contained in every order.

I hope this clears up any question anyone might have regarding this issue. If you have additional questions, please contact me.

Big hugs,
Dorla, Bogie and Baby

K9 immunity

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